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  1. Awesome thanks for another great response. Appreciate there are subtle variations from model model, for example my friends real world SR20 normally needs about 2-4% more power setting than the book, but that's a lot less than the difference I'm having to apply in the Torquesim right now Vs the book I should also mentioned I was flying half tanks and just the pilot, so no significant weight issues. That makes sense ref the flaps, the flaps on the SR's produce a big change, but perhaps not quite as big as they currently do on the Torquesim. looking forward to the refinements!
  2. I've been testing out the Sr22 in the circuit as per the Cirrus Flight Ops Manual and I think the performance is a little out. The feel of the aircraft is great, no complaints there! According to the FOM, the SR22 should be 30% Power / 15" MP Downwind for 100KIAS. I'm finding it needs more like 44% power to maintain 100KIAS in ISA standard conditions, no wind. Beginning the descent at the mid-downwind point should be 15% Power and 50% flaps, trim for 100KIAS - with anything other than a very rapid rate of descent you cannot maintain anything like 100kts. It drops to about 78. Adding 100% flaps thus reduces way beyond the 90kts indicated in the FOM for base leg, 100% flaps and still 15% power. These two stages need more like 25-30% power or more to maintain the required airspeed. Final for the SR22 should be 15% or as required to maintain 80KIAS. This again needs more power to stay near 80KIAS. Interestingly the SR22 Turbo gives 50% power for Downwind and 25% for Abeam and Base, which is getting closer to what I'm seeing in the non-turbo version of the Torquesim SR22. Image attached
  3. That's great, thanks! Milkshake can have a much more stable experience next time I drop the flaps
  4. Hi chaps, first I'd like to say what an amazing simulation of the SR22 this is. The detail is excellent and it handles so nicely. Just one thing I picked up from a friend of mine who is an SR20 owner, the elevator trim is very responsive and doesn't seem to be quite right in the TS SR22. For example, standard procedure should be three taps of the elevator trim to compensate when setting Flaps 50%, but in the TS I need to hold the button down for quite a while to achieve enough alteration on the trim. Increasing the responsiveness of the trim would make it more realistic - the trim is fast in the Cirrus to deal with the heavy variation in performance when flap position is changed, and also when reducing/increasing throttle
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