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  1. Hi i seem to be having an issue with the latest version of the software also had it with the last update. In VR the frame rate drops to a level of five or six. but if i use version 4.9.6 it works fine. I don't use really high settings as i prefer the sim to run smooth in VR. So can someone throw me a bone on this issue! Thanks
  2. Shafs64

    skymax pro v5

    Hi having issues with the new sky max pro v5. I updated from the old version and i think started having issue with it after the first patch. the frame rate in VR drops to less then 10. but as soon as you disable skymax the frame go back to 30 to 40.
  3. Great looking forward to the release. as i still love flying your aircraft in x plane and now it will be in you clouds.
  4. Hi would like to get feedback on what peoples VR setting are and if the are using rift s or Reverb g1. and they could share PC specs too, Thanks
  5. I would say as a fellow real world pilot. you are wasting your time thinking about it just buy it. it can be a pain to take off and land which is a good thing. it keeps you on your toes like in real aircraft not all your landings will be great. Also it will give you unexpected failures. I have had LG fail to come down and auto pilot fail in IMC. sure its has its issue's but the hot start team are very dedicated to this aircraft and have been quick to fix bugs. I have been flying sim since fs98 and i would say this is one of the best GA sim aircraft out there for X Plane. And In VR i would say it is the best with the rain and ice effect.
  6. Just had two flights freeze up on me in VR is anyone else getting this.
  7. Found out i didn't the setting turned up in X plane. And now its frigging great i will be flying in rain and ice all the time now. What a great team thanks guys
  8. Hi mate yes i did have it on. will have a look after work today to trouble shoot the issue.
  9. installed the new update and set x plane to rain in VR and didn't see anything ?
  10. After test flights it seem all good thanks guys.
  11. I just installed the second update and all seem fine. will do a quick test flight to confirm.
  12. I upgraded started x plane then it told me there is a new version! after i just installed it. So seems to be an issue for a few of us. picture below gives me the mesg after updating to the new one.
  13. I started up X plane and was asked if i wanted to update. i didn't as i wanted to know if there has been any issue for the TBM with the new update?
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