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  1. Thank you Coop. That is interesting about the prime not being spring loaded on both planes, but good to know. I will give your fix a try Akatham. Thank you.
  2. Have you tried pressing and holding the GCU clear button for a few moments? Then retry.
  3. First off I just wanted to say that I love this plane. What a wonderful creation! I'm on version 1.0.1 and I have seen these issues: On both the SR22 and SR22TN 1) Baggage and PAX do not persist 2) The cover and tie downs do not persist 3) The map/interior lights will only turn on when the panel knob is turned up 1 notch On the SR22TN 1) Prime switch is on when plane is loaded 2) Prime switch is not spring loaded for prime (it is on the SR22) Thank you Scott
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