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  1. There must be more then just "Natural movements" and "Ground Shakings" because even with both of them disabled I get the memory overflow and single digits fps. That's for the default C172 with the Cessna_172SP by Francisco profile
  2. I have to disable XPRealistic as well.
  3. I can confirm, in my case it's XPRealistic as well
  4. This is just happening to me as well (for the first time ever). Using the 1.01 update on b17. On cruise level at 12k feet everything is back to normal. I recordered a video, if you want I can upload it. Also let me know if the log.txt might be of any help.
  5. That worked, but only after I removed all other plugins (including SilverLining and RealWeatherConnector, hadn't tried only to remove the two).
  6. Thanks for the hint. Works perfectly !
  7. FWIW My X-Plane is on E: and I have no issues
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