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  1. While flying the vision for 19R into KLAS, I was going to place tower frequency into the standby for Com 1. However, I had previous information in the text box. When I pressed the CLR/DEL key, the sim crash. Loaded latest state and the same thing happened again. See log and photo. Log.txt
  2. So what do I need to add to the db file?
  3. It looks like there are a couple directories there with state files. The airframes.db just shows one plane - the default C-GKYF. Can I recover those, then, somehow? Really, though, I'm not too concerned with the airframe. I can always make a new one. I really am curious why I'm getting so many FMOD errors though.
  4. I just had my computer crash during a flight. I went to try to go back into the sim and load the latest state after the PC restarted, but my airframe and all my saved states were gone. I probably should have saved the log file before going back in, but I didn't foresee this. However, I did notice a bunch of errors when I did look at the log after I notice my airframes were gone. Check it out. Log.txt
  5. I am having this weird issue where I seem to be giving off my own light. When I walk around the FBO or near the plane, I seem to illuminate what I'm close to which appears as bright circles on the ground, front, left, and right of me. See attached images.
  6. I'm trying to use better pushback to reposition my plane after parking at the FBO. However, it requests that the brakes be set? I want the plane towed in a cold dark state, without the brakes set as it would happen in real life. Anything I can do?
  7. If I want to do something like plot a line on the 135 radial from PYE to PORTE how would one do that? In this instance, PYE direct to PORTE did this, but how is the proper way to enter this into the FMS?
  8. What does this mean and how did it happen? How do I fix it?
  9. Changing it in both the airframe manager and the sim worked.
  10. What is causing these moving lines on the sides of the MFDs?
  11. Did you happen to use the same airframe after an update?
  12. I work at an FBO and I have never ever seen a pilot close the door before he was about to start engines.
  13. I downloaded a livery and changed my existing airframe to that livery. However, when I restart the sim, it's back to the default livery. Do I need to create a new airframe when I change the livery?
  14. I have 100% seen both of these things happen! Lol so true. Sometimes the pax don't even show. They're out there running the APU for 4 hours and then they shut down and walk back into the FBO defeated and mourning the extra sleep they could have gotten. Still, we'd never let a pilot tow his own plane regardless of how late he was.
  15. I definitely wouldn't be disappointed if that wasn't an added feature. You'd definitely never see a pilot driving a lektro.
  16. Are there plans to include other services like a lav service and potable water refill?
  17. I would LOVE to be able to drive a lektro and tow the plane around. I could even use it as a training aid for new line service guys.
  18. So is this plane designed to be landed with the ATS on? I've been turning it off around 1000 feet.
  19. I'm having the issue again and this did not help. I am fully updated. All other sounds work. I had to restart the sim and that fixed it. Very weird.
  20. I made a new airframe and deleted the old one, and that fixed it. If it happens again, I'll try this.
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