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  1. Additional information. Issue does not appear to be occurring when not connected to VATSIM. Oddly the ground ATIS at KORD is just stating current information golf then cutting out, the cycle then repeats. Not sure if this ATIS error might be related to this crash.
  2. Loading in at KORD with a simple direct route to KIND while logged into the VATSIM network in VR. As soon as I go to Route Menu > Wind Update > SEND the sim CTDs. Log.txt
  3. For some reason when launching the CL650 while in VR mode the flight settings window is very dim like it's out of focus. When you select career mode and confirm the flight the sim crashes to desktop. Log.txt
  4. After going over all circuit breakers it looks like LIAPS AFCS 2 FMS 1 was tripped and that appears to have resolved the issue.
  5. Flying on VATSIM coming into DFW approach. DFW frequency is 125.020. Attempt to set comm 1 via CDU 1. Only tunes to 125.015 and can't hear controller. Logged out and back into xPilot in an attempt to resolve. At that point captains PFD and MFD lost all data from FMS 1. Comm 1 on MFD displayed ---.--- for both primary and recall all in yellow. I can now get to my INDEX and TUN pages but cannot go any deeper into the menus without getting an FMS NOT RESPONDING error. I've attempted to go to INDEX > STATUS to cycle the DB but can't get past the status page. I've attached log. Log.txt
  6. Nah Cam I'm completely stock. As you can see most of the lights are functioning properly. It's just the red beacon that's not. A friend of mine has the same issue.
  7. With all my HDR settings cranked up I'm getting proper intensity/reflection with nav lights and anti collision strobes but the red beacon light appears much dimmer than it did during Toto's streams of the aircraft. Red strobe lighting appears too dim and isn't reflecting off aircraft fuselage or the ground. By comparison here are what they looked like on one of Toto's previous streams when they appeared to be working properly. Thanks again guys/gals for all your hard work!
  8. Thank you so much for the report Becaspr. My first flight was a night flight between CYUL and CYYZ and I thought I was had made some sort of catastrophic mistake when my AP went nuts and I lost airspeed on my Captain PFD. I had the FMS N1 disagree and EFIS MISCOMP messages Graeme mentioned as soon as it happened.
  9. Shouldn't changing to an external still spot or circle key bind count as an exterior view? When I'm looking at it from the outside that's when I'm seeing the beacon light so weak.
  10. Two observations I had tonight while flying at night in VR. All exterior lights seem to be working perfectly with the exception of the red beacon light. In VR you can see the light is activating and deactivating but it's not giving off any visible light. You have to be zoomed in to actually see that the texture is illuminating and it's not producing any reflections on the fuselage or the ground like the strobes and other lighting are. The other observation was a blue glow phasing through the glare shield (presumably coming from the PFD. It was hard to capture an image of this but I've done my best. If you need any additional information please let me know. Same username in the discord.
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