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  1. When you have ask the ground guy (is it called a dispatcher in this bizjet operation also?) to either place or remove the chocks, if you are listening to the INT/SVC, he will give you the status on the chocks via interphone, even if you haven't asked him to connect headsets. This does not happen for the remaining "commands".
  2. On the C/B panel of the F/O leg, the PFD 1 C/B does not move when actuated. Haven't checked other C/Bs for animation.
  3. Indeed it seems to be the georeferencing. Had a friend try out the same SID and the results were the same.
  4. Departing today from UUWW, following the SUNUM3B departure, I noticed that both PFDs/NDs were showing the plane on track but on the chart there was a noticeable offset. Could there be a logical reason for this? (I have moved the plane on the ground using the X-plane map with all the avionics and power off).
  5. Very nice! CS-DOF is based on this livery. Can you adjust it a little bit for it? It's the only CL650 with CS- registration
  6. When you turn on the INTEG LT for the side panel, only a few lights come up: FO side for comparison:
  7. Getting there! Any plans for Netjets or Vistajet? Or maybe the Bombardier demonstrator livery
  8. Happened to me too. FL370, ATC reported FL372, with STD and realistic temp setting off.
  9. If you click in the vent outlet from the cockpit (clickpot region), the CAPT pitot tube gets covered, even during flight.
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