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  1. A thousand times this. It would be much appreciated by the community, particularly by the PFPX ecosystem. SimBrief is great, but having options in terms of flight planning is always a plus.
  2. I've had the same issue with FABE. I'm thinking it might have something to do with runway length limitations, but will wait for further comment from the experts.
  3. As always, we thank you for the speedy follow up and for putting things in motion for a fix. And so the flying continues
  4. I've noticed that I'm not seeing any online (VATSIM) traffic on the PFD/MFD displays. I've gone through the options on both the ATC/TCAS control on the FMS and on the PFD/MDS options. Also, if the TCAS control on XP is set to LiveTraffic, it doesn't show also. I might be missing something (most likely) but, just as a reference, on the ToLiss aircraft, TCAS needs to be set to On instead of Auto (why, I do not know). Traffic (Online or Live) works on all other aircraft. So, I'm guessing I'm just missing on an option somewhere. Screenshots for reference. And thank you for this outstanding piece of software.
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