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  1. The same problem as well,,, even asigning ,,next item" to some random keyboard key rusult in CTD.... I Don't have a log of this CTD sorry...
  2. i think first use HDG mode to intercept Lnav track:)
  3. I have that problem propably...Its my 8 flight where everytime I finish with half amonut of fuel at destination compared what was planned in simbrief ( first I used NOAA wether plugin and I thought that this is a reason, but after few flights with default x-plane 11 weather updater its the same) I have low end PC and that why i always used autospeed plugin to solve time acceleration problems with X-plane. Since this autospeed causes IRS to lose their aligment in CL60 I have to add at least 500 kg of fuel for 5 hours of flight to actually be able to land with some fuel reserve.
  4. Hi! Any chance for PFPX profile for this plane? Since there is no FCOM available, I'm curious where SimBrief gets their performance data from?? best regards Alex
  5. Hello! I also have a problem with this update. The loading process can't finish and I have to close the XPlane manually. Already tried to create clear custom scenery folder, i don't use Jar ground handling, tried install with beta gizmo and stable and actually i dont know what to do with this/ Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
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