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  1. I've had this since 1.1.10... Thought I was the only one who have this issue...
  2. Hi Skiselkov, Thank you for the reply! Good to know that the Navigraph integration is still under consideration! Please continue your great work according to plan! There is no need to hurry on this particular feature. Sincerely, 2Fat2Fly
  3. AFAIK the only supported chart service is autorouter, not Navigraph. And there comes the limitation: As a Navigraph subscriber who prefers Jeppesen chart format and almost never flies into US airspace, I would love to have Navigraph charts on the MFD. It would greatly improve the flying experience for many users in the same situation IMHO :/.
  4. Hello Hot Start staffs! If I remember correctly, Navigraph support for MFD charts was one of the planned features announced in the pre-launch FAQs. However after so many updates, it seems that the feature is no longer mentioned, neither is it implemented. I know I could access Navigraph charts via the AviTab intergration on the tablet. But currently it was so hard to read due to the resolution issue, and the fact that the tablet is fixed to the yoke. The ability to read Navigraph charts on the MFD is still expected. So I would like to ask if the MFD Navigraph charts suppo
  5. My frame rate does drop noticeably upon NOAA weather updates, so I'd suspect the WXR program to be affiliated with this.
  6. It seems nothing more than a visual glitch to me. Specifically, the script read the value from dataref "sim/flightmodel/controls/l_brake_add" and then set it to "sim/flightmodel/controls/r_brake_add" in each frame. Since 1.0.8, the break axis logic for the TBM900 has been reworked, after which the right brake pedal no longer respond to the dataref visually. However, the right toe brake is applied correctly on my side, so I would suspect that it is only a visual glitch at the moment.
  7. Hi, Has the issue that breaks saved status from earlier versions been fixed, so I can safely update the plane without loosing my progress? Regards, Fengyu Edit: Sorry I just read the changelog again and found out that it has already answered my question. Anyway thanks for the quick fix!
  8. I'd suspect a fuel leak.. Land ASAP and check the tank via the maintenance menu..
  9. I would recommend using the free SimBiref. If you have PFPX, you can use the profile by maub. Beware that both of them calculates the fuel based on weight (i.e. kgs and lbs) rather than volume (i.e. US Gal). If you want in-depth calculation, use these apps recommended by toby23:
  10. Deleting the output folder solved this issue on my side. However I've yet to find which particular file that cause the issue.
  11. Well that's unexpected.. Try clicking the CWS button on the yoke with your mouse and see whether the bahavior is the same with using the command. Remember you need autopilot to be engaged before CWS can be engaged. I believe that option is for flight director references during take-offs and go-arounds, and specifically, for go-arounds with autopilot engaged so it can fly the go-around for you. See the pic below: Even with autopilot engaged, you will still need to advance the throttle manually since there is no auto-throttle available.
  12. I personally use CWS in this way: Clear the autopilot of any mode (ALT, HDG, etc.) so that the autopilot will be engaged in ROL and PIT mode. It will keep the roll and pitch angle upon engaging. Next, press on the CWS button and manually control the aircraft to the desired pitch and roll. Now release the button and the autopilot will maintain the new assigned pitch and roll angle. It seems that the CWS can be used to temporary override other modes such as HDG, V/S, but I haven't give them a try yet.
  13. The G1000 CWS does not work like the one on the 737. Right from the G1000 Integrated Flight Deck Pilot’s Guide: So the behavior you described is well expected. The TBM-900 is not equipped with an auto-throttle, so it won't engage TOGA thrust for you.
  14. The default XP command for Control Wheel Steering works for this plane too.
  15. I've done a run with only gizmo in my plugin folder: The issue persists and it seems that someone else suffers from being completely inaccessible to the MFD maps.
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