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  1. A bit of an important update. Recently I received my brother's older Windows gaming computer. Spec for spec, except for the graphics card (which is a GTX 980TI), it's the same as the iMac. Long story extremely short, with all the plugins loaded, I encounter a similar problem, however it's not as bad. I'm still going from 30 FPS to around 15-16 (which is below the 19 minimum). This could be related to the Ivy-Bridge architecture. Maybe it's time I looked into building a new computer on a modern processor architecture.
  2. Thanks for the clue. The interesting thing though is I looked at that and I have my cloud area covered down to its absolute minimum and I still had problems. I have a feeling it's the 767 tossing it over that edge and busting the memory limits (it's Flight Factor after all). The TBM900 used to have this same problem with me before they optimized everything. That being said, the problem with their aircraft wouldn't go away after resetting the WX. I had to reset the entire sim to get my frames back. What I might do is disable most of the WX and FX plugins and see if that helps. I did spin up Instruments recently when the frame rate dropped and got about 2GB worth of logs and such if that might be useful to you. That being said, Ben just sent me a very long email detailing some additional debug methods to extract what's going on. If you're interested in that level of system profiling for your own personal reference, I am more than happy to provide it!
  3. Hey all, So I have been having this problem for the past few months now on and off. At first, I was thinking it was addon aircraft related (showing up in the TBM900 and FF767 but not in Zibo), however after looking deeply into it, I might have deduced it's correlated to SkyMaxx and RWC. What happens is, usually when I am entering the terminal environment after a long flight (probably 6,400 seconds since start of the sim) and a lot of WX, the frame rate abruptly goes from 35 down to 2. If I can get into the WX menu, I set it to clear conditions and my frames jump straight back up again. In addition, I tried changing RWC settings when the frames dropped and they shot back up again. I am running a 2015 iMac Retina 5K with 12GB ram and the R295x graphics card. As of writing this post, I am just stepping into work, so it'll be a little bit before I can provide a XP11 log file. Since I also have XCode on my system, I am more than willing to hook up a debugger to XP11 (Ben Supnik showed me how to do it at Flight Sim Expo) to try to resolve this issue. I have a feeling something is looping within the plugin and it's taking the entire sim with it.
  4. So I think there's potentially the cause lies in the OpenWXR plugin as I did a long flight in clear skies and it didn't exhibit the normal symptoms I have experienced previously. Of note, when I was having the issue, every time I got a WX update through XP NOAA WX, I would lose frames when it had to redraw clouds. I have not experienced this in other airplanes as previously stated.
  5. No worries. I know what it's like to do a lot of work and then have to throw it out. My worry is that phpVMS doesn't work with php7 and a lot of hosts are dropping php5 support because of security. In addition, if you make it too similar to other VAs, you won't stand out with the noise floor. Regarding the smartCARS issue, PM me your website URL (more specifically the frame file and I can take a look really quickly).
  6. phpVMS is not what you want to work with for this to be quite honest. Don't want to plug my own system and the fact I am supporting the TBM shared airframe codes (in the next beta update), but VAOS will get you way better. https://github.com/fsvaos/vaos/ FYI. I am a developer with well over 10 years of experience with C# and quite a web development background to boot. Hit me up if you got questions. You're jumping into a rabbit hole. EDIT: If you're attempting to use phpVMS v7 and smartCARS, TFDi are not supporting it, so you will not get any help there. EDIT2: Keep making edits. If you're running the older version of phpVMS (v4 or v5.x.x (the David Clarke special edition)), if you decide later to move to a newer VA system, you're going to encounter problems. phpVMS's data is fragmented in a laundry list of ways that makes it a pain for us web devs. NOT fun.
  7. Hey all, Looked into it on Facebook and no resolve, so I decided to put my troubles here. I start my sim fresh with the TBM at 40 FPS. After 1.5-2 hours of flying long distance, that frame rate drops below the acceptable 20 FPS. This is the only aircraft that has done this to me. I am on a Late 2014 iMac 4GHz i7, 12GB ram and AMD Radeon R9 M295X graphics with 4096 MB VRAM. As for the sim, the staples regarding plugins and freeware scenery. However the problems don't occur when over that scenery, nor is the issue present on other aircraft (Zibo and Rotate MD-80). I am a developer (I do web and server applications), so if you need an extra set of log files, I may be able to provide those.
  8. My HDR rendering is on with FXAA rendering enabled. I also have volumetric fog as well as per pixel lighting enabled. Am I missing anything more?
  9. Hey Everyone, I have recently discovered Real Terra Haze and wanted to install it for use on X-Plane. I am running Yosemite 10.1 with X-Plane 10 Steam Edition fully updated. The problem is that I cannot for the life of me get it to work. I have Fly With Lua installed properly and running. Am I missing anything else?
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