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  1. hi, i have a question regarding stratus cloud rendering in v1.1. the stratus clouds currently is a thin layer, feels to be more like a 2d layer. are there any plans to bring some volume/height into it? decending from blue sky into our very common grey soup in germany is always fascinating, however the transition is pretty flat right now. regards, heiko
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply.Take your time, you guys must be really busy at the moment. It's just amazing to see how this product develops... Regards, Heiko
  3. Hi, I realize that missing airport buildings is seen as major gap in x-plane 10. I'd like to contribute by generating basic airfields for europe / germany. Will WEP 2.0 "lego bricks" be capable to just position basic library assets to the layout? When do you expect this will be possible for newbies without using blender or sketchup? Regards, Heiko
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