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  1. I have a similar issue, but only with my GPS 1 (looks exactly like the study panel from the screenshot in the first post), the GPS 2 is working as expected. The issue oocured just today. I did a quite a couple of flights before and haven't had that issue. Any suggestions on that? Many thanks!
  2. so i have to add the offset for every single waypoint? or is there a method to program them all at once? also I did not really understand, what the numbers mean, e.g. 30 oder - 30, is this offset left or right? or the lengt of the offset? thanks!
  3. Hey there, another question that came up: I wanted to fly to Saanen Airport LSGK, but entering the flightplan, it wont let me choose LSGK as Destination. I am on the newest navDatabase and I have flown there with other aircraft, that had no issue loading LSK into the flightplan. Any help appreciated! Thanks
  4. Hey there, love flying the plane. One question was coming up: How do I enter a altitude restriction for a certain waypoint? For example, when ATC asks me to cross Waypoint X at Level X. Thanks for you help!
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