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  1. Is it like that with Oculus headsets? I use the G2 and every time I start X-plane I just have to pray the thing will work. (Not C650 related) If it's just for WMR headsets, I really hope Laminar will give the headsets some love for XP12...
  2. The vr config modifications do that. If it’s still to sensitive for you can tweak it yourself. Just change the settings called degrees per action.
  3. I did not know that @sparker256! I love x-checklist and I use it in the TBM. Thanks. The checklist config files of the C650 are modifiable. There are some parts of the checklist where the F/O continues when the switch is OK so I guess we could add that to the parts of the checklist where he always waits for our input. I am even thinking of making him work the checklists (or part of them) before taxi.
  4. I find the chart zoom button is not working with the controllers. Is it because I don't have the latest updated files? Otherwise great job for all the teleport spot placements and switches, it is just AWESOME to fly the 650 in VR . The modeling, the sounds, the systems. Oh my god, simply next level of immersion!!! THANK YOU TOTO AND @Goran_M!!!! My #1 sim dream of having a biz jet finally came true in the form of the BEST add-on ever, and from no other than my favorite add-on developers of all time. Cherry on top is it's the Challenger and I am from Québec, based in CYUL.
  5. I was convinced it was a pump (even though I was staring at Toto's diagram), but now I realize it's because I was confusing that valve with the transfer ejectors that supply the mains from the AUX. I never realized the AUX tank's top went higher than the wings. Given that's the case and it's a valve, it is logical that the flow goes to the main if the AUX is full. This matches with what is happening in my diagrams. You can see that in shots 1, 2 and 3, the AUX is 94%, 93% and 92% full and the flow is going to the mains. The AUX is empty in my last screenshot and the flow is going to it.
  6. @Graeme_77, just want to make sure you see this. THIS time, I'm sure it's a bug and not me! (famous last words... )
  7. Yes that is critical since manipulating one lever at a time is rather dangerous. Also, I don’t know if it’s something you can configure or if it requires code. But in the TBM, you get a nudge on your controler when you enter the throttle manipulator volume or exit it. That is super useful because you can keep your eyes outside.
  8. Ok, so I ended up completely fuel imbalanced on the ground and I tried to save the day. I managed to pump fuel into the tail tank to remove a AUX fuel heavy message. But I still had way to much fuel in the left main because I had been running the APU for too long. So I turned on the L to Aux pump and noticed in the study menu the fuel was going from AUX to main left. What? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around? So I switched to R to Aux pump and sure enough it was pumping fuel from the AUX to main right. (See attached screenshot if you are skeptical! You can
  9. Yes. That's how it happened on the TBM too. The community helped Goran and Toto a lot.
  10. Ok found it. On the CDU: TUNE and then click on the squawk code with nothing in the scratchpad. Test is on the upper right of the page.
  11. I found this document with a very brief explanation of HUD symbology on page 3 HUD leaflet
  12. How do you start the TCAS test? Thanks!
  13. So @Wavecourage, could you point me to a tutorial / docs so I can make my own (which I would not distribute). I know how to do the vrconfig file but not the obj part.
  14. I was positioned as in the second view Graeme. I don’t understand why x-plane would interpret the movement in reverse but if it’s an x-plane quirck, I guess we can close this.
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