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  1. It doesn't look like there's any way for me to change the title. Perhaps a moderator can. I'm concerned that this bug has an [ACK] tag and has not been assigned a bug number in the same way that other bugs have been.
  2. Is any progress being made on this? The inability to go through the preflight in VR is a significant issue for us VR users.
  3. I don't think it's you. The three way switches no longer work for me with 1.5.2, even with Google Drive files applied.
  4. The inability to use the 3 position switches in VR is one of the biggest headaches so I would be inclined to overwrite the cockpit.obj file.
  5. Are you going to upload that file soon?
  6. It looks like the vrconfig and cockpit.obj files no longer work with the 1.3 update.
  7. If this is the case then could something similar be added to the Avitab tablet?
  8. It looks like none of the fixes made it into the 1.1 update. That's disappointing.
  9. @severniae Did you have a chance to look at the VR configuration for the external doors such as for fuel, oxygen or lavatory servicing? It takes quite a lot of fiddling with the VR controller to open or close these doors.
  10. I did a "walkaround" in my Reverb G2 in standing position and I didn't see this either.
  11. Yes, any time you have to leave and re-enter VR it's like playing roulette as to whether or not X-Plane will crash.
  12. I noticed in the pilot seated position that this configurate results in the viewpoint being further back and higher than the default seated position based on the eye alignment markers.
  13. I have the Reverb G2 as well and I'll provide a few comments on my experience. I start in persistent mode in 2D, but I have a button on my yoke that's assigned to put me in the Pilot's seat so I use that and then once my framerate has settled I start VR. I find that if I give the sim a moment to settle after I start VR then the stuttering resolves and the framerate is reasonably stable.
  14. The Anti-Ice Det/Wing Test switch also cannot be returned to center in VR.
  15. ADG Auto Deploy Control switch also cannot be returned to center position in VR.
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