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  1. I hope they will correct this back to requiring the full trim setting and re-introduce the strong torque effect on takeoff - it's too easy as it is now!
  2. Great to hear - you may have seen my discussion with Coop regarding the pt6a-28's performance - will you be editing the engine to more real world figures? It's great fun at default but somewhat overpowered! I spent some time in plane maker and got it pretty darned close, but you guys do stuff in the background that massage it a little - ITT is a bit on the low side too.
  3. @Attitude Is the update still in the works? Really excited for what you have planned for this bird!
  4. Thanks Jan for taking the time to explain that to me! Hugely appreciated! I'm going to give it a run a few times until I'm confident in my calculations and then maybe put together an app or spreadsheet that will give read outs in the ball park.
  5. Hi @Litjan So I found the chart below in the FPPM for the -300 and it appears to have the data that I suspect the runway weight charts you referenced are based on. The trouble is making sense of the tables but I suppose I shall get there...! I don't suppose you have any advice for interpreting them? There is a similar chart for landing distance for any given weight, which is quite a bit simpler to interpret - I can't quite figure out the relation between the vertical and horizontal lines on the this chart...
  6. Thanks Jan - I'm indeed looking for the runway charts or an example of them. If I can find something to use as a reference I hope to code up a quick and dirty calculator that will perform a basic calculation. Do you know anywhere I might be able to purchase/acquire the charts?
  7. Hi, Could someone please point me to the charts that allow one to work out whether a de rated takeoff is permissible and the assumed temperature please? I see references to them all over but can't find them - I tried buying TOPER but it appears I wasted my money as it only references a 22K engine and the 733 modelled by IXEG is the 20K variant. Thanks in advance, James
  8. +1 for cargo variant.
  9. Thanks @Coop - After I posted earlier I did a quick test to see what the engine does in 'strange' conditions - I was able to maintain full torque until around 25,000 feet (Is this a 680HP engine or one that has a higher SHP rating and is flat rated down?) Temperature never really left the 400s. I then for laughs wondered how high I could go - I gave up at around FL550 - Torque was way down but the temp was around 530 on the ITT, it was great fun but I imagine IRL the engine would have well and truly melted by that point. I might take a look at some engine performance documents for t
  10. Hi, Sorry - me again! Again on 11.50 - Beta 11 now. I've noticed a few more oddities that I thought I would mention - I hope you don't mind.. Some things I'm sure are my understanding of how Xplane works, so please forgive me if I am stating the obvious.. 1. Engine NG at low idle - I noticed in low idle when turning on all the lights, the engine NG lowers by a good 10(ish)%. to sit at around 30 something - When switching them on again, the engine RPM only rises once the strobe has been switched off. I've noticed that the effect is there at high idle also, but to a lesser exten
  11. Thanks @Coop forgetting back to me so quick, great to find one of those few devs who know how to support their products! (And what a product it is! Having great fun!) I have isolated the click sound to 'switch11' as it is labelled in FMOD - As a test I commented out all the calls for switch 11 and the click is gone. Interestingly it does it when I click the thumb button on my oculus controller too. Hopefully this will help you narrow it down! I'll try and catch a video or something later, but I was flying (in VR) and pitched up to a visual 45 degree up line, however both horizons sho
  12. Hi, I have two problems 1. The artificial horizon seems to not be calibrated properly - when pointing at a 90 degree nose up or downline, the horizon is showing around 75 to 80 degrees. also the pull up arrows never seem to go away.. 2. Click Click Click. Whenever I press a button on the joystick that isn't calibrated to something, I hear a click, I also hear the click sometimes when moving my head in VR, and also in conjunction with xprealistic I get a lot of click click click all the time.. Thanks in advance for your help James Walker
  13. @Coop Haha, thought so! Thanks Out of interest, is it just me or is this model a bit larger than the Impulse 100 too? I guess Mike is fond of adding more and more carbon fibre to his planes!
  14. That is what initially promoted my thinking. In size and overall shape it's almost like a cross between a Impulse 100 and a pancake legacy, certainly is the size of the legacy
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