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  1. Thanks @Coop - After I posted earlier I did a quick test to see what the engine does in 'strange' conditions - I was able to maintain full torque until around 25,000 feet (Is this a 680HP engine or one that has a higher SHP rating and is flat rated down?) Temperature never really left the 400s. I then for laughs wondered how high I could go - I gave up at around FL550 - Torque was way down but the temp was around 530 on the ITT, it was great fun but I imagine IRL the engine would have well and truly melted by that point. I might take a look at some engine performance documents for the Piper Cheyenne II, which uses the same engine (Am I right thinking you modelled a PT6A-28?) - IIRC that aircraft has some poke to it but I don't recall its performance limits, of course the fancy prop on the rocket will give it somewhat of an advantage too. Edit: BTW - regarding point 1 above, take a look at this link https://developer.x-plane.com/2016/12/fight-model-improvements-done-for-x-plane-11-00/ It looks like somewhere along the way austin modelled in this behavour in order to make it match his real life PT6 equipped Lancair. Edit2: Sorry forgot to mention - I've tried the start with prop full forward and at feather, same behaviour.
  2. Hi, Sorry - me again! Again on 11.50 - Beta 11 now. I've noticed a few more oddities that I thought I would mention - I hope you don't mind.. Some things I'm sure are my understanding of how Xplane works, so please forgive me if I am stating the obvious.. 1. Engine NG at low idle - I noticed in low idle when turning on all the lights, the engine NG lowers by a good 10(ish)%. to sit at around 30 something - When switching them on again, the engine RPM only rises once the strobe has been switched off. I've noticed that the effect is there at high idle also, but to a lesser extent. 2. Engine start up - once the engine spools up to around 49% it stabilises there but the starter stays on. If I advance the condition lever through low idle a little ways in between low & high it then automatically disengages. If I don't move the condition lever, I have to manually disengage the starter. Could you advise if this is intended behaviour, or should I be doing something different? 3. Again on startup, sometimes after disengaging the starter after the engine stabilising at 49%, as soon as the starter is disengaged the engine RPM drops to around 34-38%. This seems reasonably intermittent and I wonder if it is somehow related to the lights I mentioned earlier. 4. Just as a general note, wow this thing is fast!! It's got some legs too, I got up to 380KTS TAS (ok, my altitude was a little higher than the demonstrated maximum!) and I estimated that at the fuel burn (max throttle at FL370) I could have stayed up for 4 hours, serious range! The only thing I did notice was that at that height, and power setting IRL I would expect a PT6 to be pushing, if not exceeding the temp limits, though perhaps the additional airflow at such speeds is playing quite a part here. I've of course tried it at the normal Flight levels also and it still seems to be a little on the cool side. All the above I've been able to repeat with xplane plugins on, and also with all off except for the ones necessary for the PR. Thanks for your time again, I hope my questions aren't becoming annoying. Regards, James EDIT - attached image that shows ITT at altitude - in a PT6 I'd expect to be temp limited here, but it seems that I'm torque limited instead? EDIT -
  3. Thanks @Coop forgetting back to me so quick, great to find one of those few devs who know how to support their products! (And what a product it is! Having great fun!) I have isolated the click sound to 'switch11' as it is labelled in FMOD - As a test I commented out all the calls for switch 11 and the click is gone. Interestingly it does it when I click the thumb button on my oculus controller too. Hopefully this will help you narrow it down! I'll try and catch a video or something later, but I was flying (in VR) and pitched up to a visual 45 degree up line, however both horizons showed only around 20 degrees. Though to be honest, the G1K isn't really designed for Aerobatics so I'm probably mistreating it! I have a couple of other questions if I may? First, should I have the experimental flight model enabled or disabled with the PR? Second, when powering down, the sound of the avionics fans makes what I can only describe by a bump sound, then the sound momentarily disappears and is followed by the whurr down sound I'd expect. Still on sound, when powered down there is a constant what sounds like electrical whurr - just being inquisitive, what is it? Third - I couldn't find in the manual any G limits? (although I suppose with no G meter in the cockpit kind of suggests she was built for gentlemanly XC rather that hooliganism!) Finally, I've found to maintain level flight at higher speeds (>150KIAS) the PR needs quite a bit of nose below the horizon, I'm wondering should I be adding more CG into the rear? Many thanks again, James
  4. Hi, I have two problems 1. The artificial horizon seems to not be calibrated properly - when pointing at a 90 degree nose up or downline, the horizon is showing around 75 to 80 degrees. also the pull up arrows never seem to go away.. 2. Click Click Click. Whenever I press a button on the joystick that isn't calibrated to something, I hear a click, I also hear the click sometimes when moving my head in VR, and also in conjunction with xprealistic I get a lot of click click click all the time.. Thanks in advance for your help James Walker
  5. @Coop Haha, thought so! Thanks Out of interest, is it just me or is this model a bit larger than the Impulse 100 too? I guess Mike is fond of adding more and more carbon fibre to his planes!
  6. That is what initially promoted my thinking. In size and overall shape it's almost like a cross between a Impulse 100 and a pancake legacy, certainly is the size of the legacy
  7. Hi, I'm wondering what is the base aircraft model for the PR? The real aircraft is a heavily modified Impulse 100 - though even that one doesn't have even close to the performance specifications of the Torquesim modelled version. Is this basically a 'What would Mike Patey do if he owned an Impulse 100' aircraft? As far as I can find, I can't see any real examples of Impulse 100s with PT-6s. Thanks,
  8. I do the same - Brunner for yoke, throttle quardant and a pair of pedals for rudder. VR is great but I can't imagine why you would want to use the remotes to actually fly the thing, but it works great for manipulating the buttons and switches!
  9. Wow, did't expect that to get added so quickly! Thanks tykler - I can't wait for this update!
  10. Hi Jan - I use VR exclusively but the yoke still looks too low, when compared to both other sims and from the real aircraft. Is your control wheel in the position as per your measurements? Or did you end up moving it a little? Thanks, James
  11. I was wondering - is there a possibility in the new version to have an option for a realistic Yoke height? I use VR and it always bugs me that the yoke position just looks wrong in the sim - I understand the reasons for placement, but is it possible to make it an option, like the steam gauges? Thanks in advance, James
  12. Is it really alive though? the last post was in October, yet there are quite a few issues and no update in sight..?
  13. Hi, I've done a lot of testing and the issue I have seems to be when using X plane AI traffic in conjunction with WT3 and the IXEG 737. World Traffic 3 has created some form of x plane default AI planes that the program takes over and uses them so that TCAS alerts are visible in the aircraft. For some reason, when using this it crashes with flying the IXEG - If I don't load AI aircraft, I don't seem to have any crashes. I know you might say 'well don't use AI aircraft..' but in hope, I wonder if there is a way to fix this? I attached my log.txt Thanks, James Log (2).txt
  14. Hi, I'd be a little surprised if it were RAM/VRAM but I'll run some tests - I've actually been running with less scenery enabled lately using aircraft with 4k cockpits and not had a single crash, even with WT3 traffic at max. Soon as I start using the IXEG with WT3 I always seem to get the CTD... I don't suppose there are any logs or indicators that can be looked at? Thanks, James
  15. Hi, I recently bought the IXEG 737 and wow, what an aircraft. Something about it just feels fantastic and seems really to bring the old 737 CL to life! However, I seem to have a problem - in that each time I run the IXEG at the same time as world traffic 3, after an unspecified period of time, the application crashes. I've eliminated plugins until I got myself down to just the WT3 addon and I seem to get it to do it each time... Is there anything anyone could do to help point me in some direction for a resolution? Many thanks in advance, James W
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