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  1. They maybe can be tuned using the VRConfig, almost certainly can be set using a MANIP command_switch_up_down followed by the two refs...
  2. Not yet, I will do this week.. I just noticed myself that they aren't exactly VR friendly - should be an easy fix soon as I have time..
  3. Thanks for the spot - I've just included some fixes for those in my config file. I'll send it over to Goran. I'm not going to share my updated version at the moment as it relies on changes to the OBJ file and I don't want to redistribute any of HS's assets, and I hear update 1 is just around the corner - so let's wait until that is released, and then if necessary I'll post the latest VRConfig file.
  4. The cl650 has its own interactive checklist, so no need for an add-on - just another thing to potentially go wrong!
  5. CL650_Log.txt Hi, Unfortunately, I had a CTD when using the tune page. I entered a frequency number without realising I still had some letters in the scratch pad. Shortly after trying to LSK the entry in, xplane crashed. CL650 log attached.. Thanks, James
  6. Nearly all you mention is already compatible. If you use my config file, all the rocker switches and knobs work just fine. I think once thats sorted, the only thing will be the FBO 2d menus to communicate with the FBO/fuel truck etc.. then, it will be perfect!
  7. Weird - I use VR too and don't have this problem. Are you on oculus or Steam VR?
  8. Hi All, Yes my version uses the HS default, which is the version I've sent to Goran...
  9. @sparker256 @louism I will see what I can do with the VRCOnfig - but I think the problem is that there is no click spot in the cockpit object file to manipulate both power levers. I'll mention it to Goran..
  10. Hi All, I'm in touch with Goran - I'm just updating my config file to catch a few rotaries / switches I missed on my first pass and will be sending it to him later on today. Best, James
  11. Hi Goran, I will contact you on Discord a little later on today - I put together the switch fixes so I think I know what needs to where.. Best, James
  12. I have all the configurations to make all the other 3 position switches work correctly on my other computer - @Wavecourage I will send them to you tomorrow - they will require more OBJ file edits, but it's only 5 or 6 of them and I'll post each line that needs changing so it's just a quick copy/paste exercise. Regarding direction of the hotspots see: PRESET_PSI 180.0000 Best, James
  13. @Wavecourage Would you like to include my switch / axis configurations to your VRConfig file? See this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f8nNLFwdpOiXRsFJ35bQJuhWWeNi_4fj/view?usp=sharing @Goran_M There are a number of 3 position switches in the CL650 that due to their configuration in your object file, do not work as intended in VR (they get stuck in whichever position you drag them. As an example see the VR vonfiguration for the manual cabin alt switch. This is the config required in the VR config file to make the switch act as intended: BEGIN_MANIP command_axi
  14. Do you have permission from HotStart to redistribute their cockpit file...?
  15. Just a note to my fellow VR users - I'm nearly finished creating a vr config file that makes VR even better. Also fixes the 3 position switches and makes then snap back to center again. PM me if you would like it when finished and I will send a link...
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