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  1. As I understand, in the real world I believe a lot of the time they just install the pin, and leave the nose door open between flights.
  2. Update files in this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g8EDRwOje1inkB2tOlvHcsasukZGHVfP/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi All - apologies, I've had some issues since my last post. I'll be back home tonight so will update the file and load it onto the link for the latest version.
  4. I was about to then the next update dropped. I hear it has issues on the installer so once that's fixed I'll pop it on my Google link...
  5. I need to re-upload the cockpit file to work with the VRConfig - won't get chance today but will do it tomorrow. The VR config will still work for everything apart from the 3-position switches until I update the file.
  6. Try disabling VR, then close down and restart steam VR. Yes I suspect there is a memory leak or similar when entering/exiting VR. I really hope it has received some attention in XP12.
  7. Hi, I have had the same crashes too - when manually using the checklist. I won't post logs, as the above poster says I had a look myself and there is no backtrace, so little point. But I thought it worth noting that it doesn't appear to be isolated...
  8. Glad to hear you have it working. A few points: The reason xplane crashes with switching between 2d and VR is due to it running out of VRAM and crashing. The 8KX has a monstrous resolution so if you have any kind of super sampling at all, on a 3080 you will burn through VRAM in no time. I have a 3090 and even that can hardly handle the 8KX.. It'll be worth double checking all of your settings. I would suggest that you set the resolution percentage within steamVR to under 100% - and make sure you only use FXAA - no SSAA at all. I have developed a little workflow that seems to go quite well for the CL650 - I use a Valve Index now, but it's pretty much the same... You will need the latest version of MoveVR 1 Bind toggle VR to the keyboard ( I use 'v') - and in the settings leave VR disabled. 2 Load up xplane and the CL650 - do what you need to do in the FBO. Set the passengers to arrive in one or two minutes. 3 I have set commands to view the status of FBO actions, and to advance the passenger status to the next stage. (Ctrl-F and ctrl-P respectively) 4 Once loaded into the sim, press the pax advance key - and wait for the phone to ring. Answer it, tell them to send the passengers now. 5. Once you have cleared the dialogue boxes, you are free to enter VR. 6. When the fueller asks you to specify how much fuel you need, you may get a blue empty box appear - open up MoveVR (again, I have this bound to a key command) and open up the plugin menus, the last one in the list will be the fueller options. Click 'move to 2d'. 7. You can then use show desktop in steam VR, or lift your headset and interact with the fueller using the menu on the screen. 8. Repeat that step if he asks you for anything else. (Alternate: use the 2d fuel menu to fuel the aircraft skipping the fueller stuff) 9. Enjoy your flight! Once you land, and you are done, press your toggle VR button ('v') and then interact with the FBO to pick up the passengers. It probably sounds a bit long-winded, but it works for me every time and I've not had any big issues. Hopefully Toto will soon fix the menus so we can interact with them in VR, then the whole thing will be easy!
  9. @Sleepy81 I had a Pimax8KX - it worked fine with the CL650. Are you starting Xplane with VR already enabled, or are you clicking career / non persistent and then loading VR. Note, with the CL650 you must enable VR AFTER using this menu. Best method is to bind a keyboard or joystick button to enable/disable VR. Load it up after you leave the FBO... What are your SteamVR settings? Have you tried a clean re-install of it? Do you have parallel projections enabled (you need to) What are you xplane settings? Are you using Large, Normal, Small etc... FoV? What have you got set supersampling-wise? There is another setting, I don't recall the name, that sets between (IIRC) 0.5 and 2x - it's some form if rendering option in PiTool... what have you got it set to? Are you using native or upscaling in PiTool? Any settings configured in nvidia inspector or otherwise that affect settings...?
  10. The only thing I would say - please only put it in as it is in real life! Too many people are used to 'sim-isms' (just take a look at the debate on visibility at altitude..).
  11. I always wonder about these tiny little details that have nothing to do with flying the aircraft... are people flying around looking at the wing view!?
  12. Just a note in case it is related. I was using the checklist on the display screen, I wasn't using the 'totobot' but I did leave FO actions switched on in settings.
  13. Crash on final, crashed immediately on pressing the button for the final checklist item. Nothing to give any idea what happened in xplane log. Even more annoying, I load the latest approach autosave, and it's my last flight, and then it overwrote the latest state too, so I can't finish. Not first time it's happened unfortunately, has happened at least once before, same circumstances. 2022-01-27 16:20:33 CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found) 2022-01-27 16:23:27 CL650[gps4000s.c:2956]: EGNOS data download successful 2022-01-27 16:23:33 CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found) 2022-01-27 16:23:35 CL650[gps4000s.c:2917]: WAAS data download successful 2022-01-27 16:26:34 CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found) 2022-01-27 16:26:38 CL650[phys.c:821]: GFS download successful, SL_T: -12.7°C TP_T: -57.6°C TP_alt: 33258 ft 2022-01-27 16:28:38 CL650[gps4000s.c:2917]: WAAS data download successful 2022-01-27 16:28:44 CL650[fo_actions.c:1311]: FO actions: gear down
  14. Thanks! I'll add this to the config file.
  15. All, With permission from Goran from Hotstart, I am sharing my VR Config file, and edited CL650 cockpit object. Just unzip and place the files in your C650 folder - make a backup of the object file prior in case you want to revert. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fPhnHghObnaA-f47WavSrAy2FqDSejVv/view?usp=sharing Just a note - this configuration isn't officially supported by HS yet, so please if you encounter any bugs and want support, revert to the original cockpit file. Please let me know if you encounter any VR issues, or have any suggestions relating to the config file - I'd like to finesse it as much as is possible.. Enjoy! James W EDIT: Link updated with file for version 1.2.2
  16. The issue I think is because HS cull any objects / textures that aren't in view - for some reason being close to the ground culls the external textures in VR, I think it's because in VR, you are never *truly* in outside view. Easy workaround in steam VR is to use OVR advanced settings to define an offset that moves your head position up a little.
  17. Guys, have patience - Goran has the files and has assured me he will work on it - in the meantime I will put together instructions on how to implement my vrconfig and cockpit switches, just give me a few days....
  18. They maybe can be tuned using the VRConfig, almost certainly can be set using a MANIP command_switch_up_down followed by the two refs...
  19. Not yet, I will do this week.. I just noticed myself that they aren't exactly VR friendly - should be an easy fix soon as I have time..
  20. Thanks for the spot - I've just included some fixes for those in my config file. I'll send it over to Goran. I'm not going to share my updated version at the moment as it relies on changes to the OBJ file and I don't want to redistribute any of HS's assets, and I hear update 1 is just around the corner - so let's wait until that is released, and then if necessary I'll post the latest VRConfig file.
  21. The cl650 has its own interactive checklist, so no need for an add-on - just another thing to potentially go wrong!
  22. CL650_Log.txt Hi, Unfortunately, I had a CTD when using the tune page. I entered a frequency number without realising I still had some letters in the scratch pad. Shortly after trying to LSK the entry in, xplane crashed. CL650 log attached.. Thanks, James
  23. Nearly all you mention is already compatible. If you use my config file, all the rocker switches and knobs work just fine. I think once thats sorted, the only thing will be the FBO 2d menus to communicate with the FBO/fuel truck etc.. then, it will be perfect!
  24. Weird - I use VR too and don't have this problem. Are you on oculus or Steam VR?
  25. Hi All, Yes my version uses the HS default, which is the version I've sent to Goran...
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