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  1. Disregard, I believe I found the answer here: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/22357-online-flying-custom-altimetry/
  2. Was climbing to FL350 when ATC (Pilot2ATC) starter to tell me to decent FL350… I was still climbing through FL330… So I started checking when I leveled off at FL350. P2ATC reported me at 37600 feet on QNH 1013/29.92. I then started to troubleshoot aboard the jet, and found through the study menus that all IRSes, GPS, FMCs showed an altitude of about 11300m, which equates to around 37300 feet. So P2ATC is getting the “correct” data, but for some reason the Pilot Dislpay shows 35000 feet on STD QNH. Tried to reset altimeter settings, but to no avail. Co-pilot display also shows FL350.
  3. Ok, guess I had a catastrophic failure then, even though the aircraft was brand new and had only flown about 4 hrs. Seams kind of strange, but if you guys simulate random catastrophic failures, even the ones with extremely large MTBFs, then I guess I could have drawn a (un)lucky number. It for sure was not overstressed by maneuvering (on AP entire flight) or overspeeding. Still does not explain why AP commanded 30deg right bank the entire time, and why the copilots yoke was fully deflected right, and did not move when I moved my joystick. To me it looks more like there was a AP issue
  4. CTD on decend to OMDB. Approx 8-9000 feet at 250kias, on NAV and VNAV with ATS SPEED. Was changing scales on the MFDs, then opened Traffic Global Radar screen. Shut down radar screen, panned view left to look at traffic 9NM away, then x-plane "paused" (not a normal pause, but graphics stopped, sound still there) for about 2 sec. Then started to work again for another 2 sec, then CTD. Backtrace is: 0 00007FF6B7C72603 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe+0000000000E62603 () 1 00007FF6B7C72670 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\X
  5. I tried to check it after the crash, but all it said for all the components (including airframe) was “aircraft too damaged for repair” or something to that effect. Is/was there a way for me to check what was broken after the crash, when the entire airplane suffered like 250Gs and everything is broken? I do run Ortho4XP there, but then again I was about 10.000 feet above the terrain (at least the visible terrain (it was CAVOK at the time), so unless there are some calculations of terrain that is wrong (and not visible) it shouldn’t be that. Maybe will not figure this one out. B
  6. Would like one as well. Owner of both CL650 and TBM900.
  7. OK, so I played NTSB on this flight and it looks like the incident happened about 12:06:45. In the .csv the bank angle increases above 30 deg at that time, and continues to increase to inverted and beyond. I am a bit confused regarding the different roll coloums. One says Roll and is in line with that I saw. The other says RollC, and could be Roll Commanded by autopilot maybe? That pegs at 30 deg and stays that way until impact. I noticed that the FD was somewhat "crocked" during the flight. For about 80% of the flight it was tilted about 5 deg to the left, but the aircraft AP seamed to ignore
  8. So, was on approach to LOWI. 13000 feet, turning from TULSI to RTT on AP with VPATH selected to hit RTT at 9500. Shortly after the right turn started, the aircraft abruptly and with no warning continued to turn right at full lock. Nosedived and hit the ground. I tried to take manual controll, ensuring AP was off, but I could not move any flightcontrols. I fly with pilot yoke hidden, but saw copilot yoke fully turned to the right, and it did not move at all when I moved my physical joystick. Wx was CAVOK, no icing (Pitot heat sw both on regardless). Else the flight was normal, with only a
  9. Know your all focusing on the CL650, but just want to confirm that Navigraph will be in the TBM900 soon? I.e still on the roadmap for updates. Just bought the TBM today and was a bit surprised that Navigraph was not supported on the MFD. (My bad really for not researching it)
  10. Attatched. Log.txt BTW, I see that the end of the log is somewhat different than the pasted log in my first post. No idea as to why, maybe because this time i did not go from 2D to 3D, but started X-plane in SteamVR mode, selected CL650, Non-Persistent, then it CTD.
  11. Just to follow up on this. I feel like I’ve tried everything now, but to no avail. Starting x-plane in 2D then switching to 3D, starting in 3D, switching to 3D after entering cockpit, non-persistent mode, career mode with and without FBO enabled. All leads to CTD, and all with the same errors in the .log as posted above. (The part towards the end where it crashes is always the exact same) All other aircraft work fine in VR for me. Running on Pimax 8kx via SteamVR on a 5800x/3080TI/32GB DDR4 and win 10. I bought the 650 knowing the devs did not say anything with regards to VR support,
  12. Due to FBO etc. not working in VR I start in normal mode, then want to transition to VR once i'm ready to sit in the cockpit. However, when I try to enter VR Z-plane crashes. Using Pimax 8Kx with SteamVR on a Ryzen 7 5800X, RTX3080TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM on WIN10. Attached is the applicable part of the LOG file: 0:06:09.764 I/OVR: Initializing VR Subsystem. 0:06:09.764 I/VR: Interaxial set to -0.032656,0.032656 0:06:09.764 I/OVR: This device DOES have a proximity sensor. 0:06:09.997 G64: core: Run: [OnEnteringVR] 0:06:09.831 E/GFX: Rebuilding offscreens for window resi
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