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  1. Woah, ok great. I'll try that tonight. I've been using xCamera since it was released and never had this issue before in any plane. Hopefully this will work. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Firstly, yes I'm using xCamera and TrackIR, but I'm very careful to disable xCamera before using any of the walk-around features. Once I'm sitting in the seat I turn xCamera on. However, maybe 1 out of 3 times I disable xCamera I lose all 2D elements on the screen - all popup panels, checklist hints, the phone screen, any of the study windows, and even the clipboard in the FBO. I'm also unable to access the Challenger settings window. Popup windows still pop up, but they're entirely blank. Also, any popup windows generated by another plugin unrelated to the Challen
  3. This livery was just posted today on the .org forum. Not sure if I can post a link there, but a quick search will find it.
  4. Haha that makes sense I'm comfortable flying manually calculating ToD and managing my own crossing restrictions, I just didn't think that's what you were 'supposed to do'. So from cruise, I should just set a new altitude on the dash, and use FLC / VS to descend - not worrying about re-programming the FMS at all? I assume as I get closer to the airport the FMS and my manual descent will 'sync' up again, once I pass the FMS calculated (but wrong) ToD point. Thanks for your help!
  5. so it seems that you can only edit the descent parameters while the descent mode is active. Once I reached the calculated ToD, I was able to change speeds etc. That makes it all the more confusing to me. I guess my general questions is, how do I setup an 'ad-hoc STAR'? When flying a real STAR the FMS knows that the ToD point is actually quite far from the airport, and there may or may not be various level-off points along the way. Once in descent mode, you're able to edit the descent parameters, and add / delete crossing restrictions etc. However, if my first required altitude is
  6. That worked great, thanks! It did bring up a few more questions though I think the problem I was having with the ToD point is that I was flying a route without a STAR, so the calculated ToD was actually pretty close to the airport. By getting the "cross XXX at 15000" I basically wanted to start the descent at a point to capture that as a crossing restriction, not a new cruise altitude. Is there a way to have the FMS go into 'descent' mode on command? Rather than waiting for the calculated point? Also, on the CRZ and DES page, I think I should be able to specify a cr
  7. Don't disable Windows Defender!! Probably not a good idea to run without it... All you need to do is make an exception for your X-plane folder. Open windows defender, click settings. Scroll down to 'Add an Exclusion', and click 'Exclude a folder'. Navigate to your entire X-plane folder and click ok. You should be good to go! I had the same problem with the EXEC button until excluding the XP folder. I'm happily running windows defender on the rest of my system.
  8. Perfect! I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hello! I recently ran into an issue while flying online. I was at cruise FL200 and got a cross XXX waypoint and maintain 15,000, well before the FMS ToD point. I tried to enter an altitude restriction for that point, thinking the FMS would re-calculate the descent point to meet the new altitude. The FMS accepted the restriction, but the next waypoint went back up to the cruise altitude setting. It seems the FMS was never in the 'descend' mode. At that point I lost all use of the FMS altitude restrictions, and had to fly the rest of the route and approach using only manually set a
  10. Wow, beautiful shots @Defiance_co!!
  11. I have a similar (the same?) problem. Sitting on the ground, with the window open it sounds like the wind sound loop runs out and ends abruptly, then restarts. It doesn't seem to be related to where the camera is positioned or facing. I have removed plugins and not seen any change. I have a Gigabyte motherboard with a RealTek HD audio chip.
  12. Ha! For a second I thought this plane was flying upside down!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. That's fantastic to hear, thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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