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  1. I think that this is an issue with the laminar research g1000 model, not the TBM. The real g1000 manual states that the max altitude for minimums is 16,000.
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    I'd probably just back up the entire aircraft folder (x-plane 11/aircraft/x-aviation/tbm900), just in case.
  3. Just had the same issue in the middle of a flight, it seems to occasionally happen while loading the TBM, and this is the first time it's happened while flying. TBM900[except.c:99]: Caught SIGSEGV: segmentation fault (0x8) Running TBM V1.1.7 Additional Info: Had loaded a different aircraft before loading this one Was looking through the flightplan on the G1000 when crash occured. Using the mac_x64 beta fix that skiselkov sent me. Log.txt
  4. I don't think so, it's this that I think is causing the issue: 15 00007FF8FBE981F4 C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL+181f4 () 16 00007FF8FE5CA251 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll+6a251 () Some other people seem to have been having the same issue: See if anything there is helpful. That error is mentioned lower down on the page.
  5. Removing plugins that used SASL, such as AVS and Skunkcrafts Updater fixed the lag issue for me on the TBM and ZIBO 737 when using Librain. MacOS 10.14.2 X-Plane 10.32r2 GTX 680 4GB
  6. Removing the plugins that use SASL also gets rid of the below 1 FPS problem on the ZIBO, while using the Librain effects.
  7. The issue seems to have gone away after I removed all the plugins, and then put all of them back... no idea why. Also, I saw some people on the forum talking about the extreme lag issue with the rain effect, which i think is also on the Zibo 737. I have been having that issue. I think it only happens when I have a plugin using SASL loaded, so I'm wondering if the rain effect (Think it's called librain) has some sort of issue while running with SASL. The plugins that seem to cause the lag issue are AVS and Skunkcrafts updater, both of which I think use SASL. No idea if the abov
  8. The TBM-900 V1.1.6, on X-Plane 11.32R2 is crashing while loading the aircraft, before anything is rendered. Running MacOS 10.14.2 w/ GTX 680. I attached the TBM900_Log.txt and the X-Plane Log.txt files. BTW, the TBM's log says running 1.1.4b, which is incorrect. X-Plane's Log.txt has the version correct: 1.1.6. Also, where is the best place to report crashes, the forum or the discord? TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  9. On the PFD, the black areas where information goes seem to be showing when nothing is in them, from the videos I've seen, the real aircraft doesn't seem to show them unless information is in them. I think this may be a bug, because in other people's screenshots of the TBM, they do not show.
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