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  1. Me too...it would be nice to know if this is proper behavior for the Hot Start sim TBM or if this is a bug.
  2. Hello Gents - I was on a long flight with the TBM the other day (960 Nm, ~2.5hrs flying time). I don't typically use any time acceleration on any of my aircraft and was thinking that it would be nice to have an AFK (Away From Keyboard) setting so that if my plane experiences a failure while making a coffee, making a snack, etc. the sim would pause until I get back and can then assess what action to take. Depending on the failure I might just lose a light but I could lose a critical component and have to land. I know I can pause the sim when AFK but this would be a nice setting to enable. Regards Brent
  3. FWIW I have the latest version of UWXP v2.5 and don't have this issue.
  4. Brent4512

    I'm chicken

    FWIW - I backed up the TBM folders and applied version 1.1.8 and have had no issues flying the TBM. I know this isn't much help for those having issues but thought it important to thank the team for putting the amount of effort into this product. Thanks Brent
  5. Brent4512

    I'm chicken

    Thanks gentlemen. Goran, what about the TBM900 folder under X-Plane11/Output and the 'Unistall' files under X-Plane11/X-Aviation? Brent
  6. Brent4512

    I'm chicken

    My TBM900 is working flawlessly for me using 1.1.6 and I see that 1.1.7 is available. What are the TBM folders/files that should be backup-ed prior to updating in case I run into an issue and would like to revert to my previous version that I know is working well? Cheers Brent
  7. Right on - that's why I reported it! Incidentally, this is using v1.1.6.
  8. Good one RobW05! However....it doesn't happen when doing a deep dive to examine the engine and 'testing' the battery shouldn't be a 2 week job! It appears that when you take any action re:replacement or testing battery it resets the temp to 0 C. Brent
  9. After a flight this morning I noticed that after I shutdown and then monitor the engine temperatures found under the plugin menu, the temperatures slowly rise before falling as expected. However, if I then went to the Maintenance manager page to check out my aircraft systems for degradation, and then select Electrical and then did a Battery Test the ITT temps went from 302 deg to 0 deg instantly when I performed the battery test. I didn't expect that but perhaps there is a logical explanation. What do you think? Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Cheers Brent
  10. FYI, Saso helped me out with a beta Aircraft plugin and it works fine now. Cheers Brent
  11. Thanks Goran - I left a message on the discord about this issue. I've never used discord so I hope I've been successful! Brent
  12. Goran Are you able to provide any help with this problem I'm having or should I file a support ticket? Brent
  13. Goran, I updated the driver but unfortunately that didn't work for me, no difference in behavior. Brent
  14. Goran, Yesterday, I: 1. uninstalled the TBM and removed all TBM folders, and then did a fresh install. 2. had a flight and after shutting down, checked the "maintenance log which came up as a blank log and didn't crash XP. 3. refreshed the O2 bottle in order to perform some cheap maintenance (cost of the maintenance showed up on the window but when I selected "maintenance log" I got a CTD again. 4. saw your note about AI so I eliminated all AC from the AI count and didn't enable WT3 during session, refreshed O2 bottle again, amount showed in window ($40 x 2=$80 total), selected "maintenance log" I got a CTD again. 5. all permissions are correct for the TBM900 state folder files (seems to be where the maint log is). Brent
  15. Goran I removed all plugins except Gizmo and had the same result I described in my initial message (i.e. when I select the Maintenance Log, XPlane exits to desktop). Note that I I stayed away from patching XP11.30 because of the problems some were having with the TBM. I've enclosed the log files generated after I had removed my plugins. I appreciate the help! Cheers Brent Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
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