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  1. It's been a while since I was on x-pilot, since then I completed my GFPT and just as I was about to do my aerobatic rating... 2 days ago my instructor passed away when the Zlin 242L entered an unrecoverable spin and crashed into Plover Cove Reservoir. It was meant to be just a "warm up" flight before he takes another student on his 5th lesson, I even talked to him prior to his flight... If there was one thing I can never forget for the rest of my life, it would be seeing his lifeless body pulled out of the wreckage, still strapped to his seat... The media doesn't help either, a
  2. Spent yesterday getting checked out on the Zlin and getting my high performance rating: And spent today flying solo practicing some procedures and maneuvers on the Zlin.
  3. One on QNH, one on QFE. It's also a requirement to have 2 altimeters.
  4. Passed my general flying test, now I can carry passengers legally!
  5. Totally legal, minimums is 5km visibility and cloud bases of 1200 feet, I did a visibility check with a landmark and the visibility was around 7km.
  6. First fly in 2 weeks, not today but rather on Saturday. Went up on our relatively new Cessna 172S, operational for only a month, registered as B-LUW "Cessna Uniform Whiskey, Tolo 1500" Flying to Mirs Bay via Tolo Channel, very poor visibility. Returning to the Shek Kong Airfield via Kadoorie.
  7. Not today, but saturday. Flying solo on B-LUV, Cessna 172R Tried a camera setup, but accidentally put the camera on portrait instead of landscape so it missed my face Cockpit before preflight Port Shelter Harbor, tracking westbound 1500 feet Turning to fly back eastbound at 1000 feet ICC It's pretty amazing, haze and clear skies all in one day.
  8. Flew the Lovebird (B-LUV) today with instructor Robert Woss REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT, seriously, remember to remove the pitot covers! LUV is our best equipped Cessna 172R with KLN-94 GPS and a HSI. Soon after exit from Kam Tin, Flying over Ma Wan with the Ma Wan bridge in sight Harbor, eastbound 1000 ft IFC is actually taller than we are Bye harbor... Port shelter 800 feet Instructor took this while I was flying... 800 feet over port shelter South-eastern border of Hong Kong, Waglan Zone Post flight photo of our lovely bird
  9. Hope the admins don't mind but it is really thundery in Hong Kong so here comes some old photos from the time when I flew in Bankstown! the 152 is a pain in crosswind DA40 TDI flying Piper Warrior II CBD orbit on the warrior II
  10. Flew on B-HIG 2 days ago (saturday), done some hardcore navigation with my new instructor. No nav radios on this 172N My favorite Cessna 172 Sai Kung (Hebe heaven) "Cessna India Golf over Clear Water Bay" Waiting for my instructor before the flight
  11. Local VFR at Bankstown in a bit of rain
  12. Don't go into IMC like what I did yesterday...
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