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  1. Kennair You need to assign the xp11 reverse switch to a button (I use the RH controller middle finger trigger). When that switch is activated, the throttle ‘axis’ of the RH controller changes into reverse axis. Now, move your RH controller forward (!) as if you’d give full thrust and the reverse will move backwards. A bit weird but it works like a charm.
  2. Good point. I need to test that. The output of that might conflict with inputs, though, as that might create a loop.
  3. UPDATE I'm not considering XPUIPC as a workaround (if at all possible, suggestions welcome). It would be great to have some sort of output from IXEG. If only the animation dataref of the throttles as that is consistent.
  4. Yes I have hardware throttles with servo's. A320: really?! Never new you have to align that!! For real? Unfortunately I am not using XPUIPC. But I'll consider doing research on that.
  5. Although most of your development makes a lot of sense and your plane is the best out there, I am slightly confused with this choice. At minimums seeing the runway and AT - on, switching off AT I wouldn’t want to ‘shake’ the hardware throttles so they align. Even more so when flying during critical phases of flight (except T/O), I like to keep my hands on the throttles so I can feel what they are doing. I would love to see some sort of workaround for this ( maybe I missed it). Some sort of throttle animation dataref so it can be set for output Cheers
  6. I see. So how can I make my external throttle move with AT is on?
  7. What is de dataref of the IXEG systems AT_motor (the dataref, that moves the throttles, when AT is in command)?
  8. Hi, I noticed, that the default XP11 dataref for AT_motor is overruled in the dataref of IXEG to the throttle animation, not the actual systems servo. This becomes obvious when the default 737 AT_motor moves the hardware servo I have assigned to it, but with IXEG is doesn't. With IXEG it only moves when the 3D cockpit throttle levers animation moves (by mouse, keyboard or game controller). When the AT takes over the animation works, but the hardware servo does not move. What is de dataref of the IXEG systems AT_motor (the dataref, that moves the throttles, when AT is in comma
  9. Just to confirm: you have to hold the virtual handcontroller against the guard switch. In fact going right through the guard switch and then press the trigger button. It is as if the controller reaches out to the switch itself and ignoring the guard switch.
  10. Thrustreverser in VR TIP: What works like a charm for me is selecting the throttles with the RH controller (keeping the trigger engaged). Btw Ixeg, thank you for the dual throttle linkage. Going to idle is moving your RH controller fully aft (@IXEG a nice idle stop sound would be great to confirm that). Having the RH grip switch assigned to reverse toggle, I trigger that switch while still having my RH full aft. No need to hold grip switch, just a single press. Now moving RH forward increases reverse. Back to idle, press the grip once switch again and throttle control is normal again.
  11. Hi, In VR it is possible to switch off the battery without lifting the guard when pointing handcontrollers to batt sw. Just a heads-up. I like to actually have the handcontroller ON the switch (so without the green laser) when flipping switches, it seems to work better. However, touching the guard of the batt. switch, I can actually switch batt pwr off and the guards is never lifted.
  12. When I delete an altitude constraint (in a STAR/Approach) it immediately knows the calculated profile altitude at that point. It seems a bit instant to my taste. Is that true for the -300 FMC? Does it know it's profile altitude behind the set contraint? Thanks
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