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  1. Well you’re just an incredibly rude person Ben and I’m gonna leave it with that. Oh well… I guess I’ll just buy another license then since I still want to use these softwares but this got to be (by far) the worst customer support I’ve ever experienced…
  2. I (think) I get it Ben. Your software has been pirated a lot and your angry about it, but why accuse me of something before you know if it's true? The correct thing, in my humble opinion, would have been to reply with something like ”Jonas, you can’t use our software on both your own and your brothers computer, even when they’re used simultaneously. For this you need to buy another license, sorry that I couldn’t help you”. Then, since I find your software attractive enough, I would have purchased another license without complaining about it. Being treated like a criminal, however, isn’t a very nice experience Ben. Probably the worst thing you could do to a customer... P.S. If you're hungry I gladly share the food in my fridge with you Ben. D.S.
  3. What?? These are all my machines (except my brothers) Ben. They have all been activated from the same IP and are still on the same IP address. I'm not handing out my license to others, why these accusations? We are flying together, in fact, he doesn't need these payware anymore either since running them on the dedicated system is enough... Jeez, why the bad attitude?
  4. Hello Guys (and Girls (if any)), 
 I created a support ticket almost 2 weeks ago (Ticket #YR1BG, Sat, 05/21/16) that I still haven't received any reply to. I'm eager to get SkyMAXX (SM) working on my new system so the wait is kind of torture. Are you ignoring me?  
 My problem is that I have built a new dedicated system for X-Plane and while doing so I wanted to test different OS to see which runs best with X-Plane. 
 Originally I used my MacBook, then I tried Mac OS X on the new system, then Debian (which I found you sadly didn't support (yet)) and lastly Windows 7. Since me and my brother live together and also fly together SM was also installed on his MacBook. The idea is to have X-Plane running on the dedicated system while me and my brother use our two MacBooks as Pilot/Copilot. 
 So... My problem is that since I have installed SM (and also the Saab 340A I purchased) on both our MacBooks and on my dedicated system with Hackintosh/OSX all my three activation slots have been used. When trying to activate SM on the Win 7 install it throws the "Activation slots used" message. I haven't tried activating the Saab yet but I'm assuming the same thing will happen. 
 I didn't think of the activation limit when installing, if I had then I would have waited with installing SM and the Saab until I had decided on which system to use. 
 Could you please help me with this. As I wrote in the ticket I don't need them on my MacBook anymore but uninstalling them didn't "reactivate" one slot. 
 Best regards Jonas
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