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  1. I did the first full test flight today with the SkyMaxx "suite" all re-installed (including FS Global Real Weather and Real Weather Connector), and it went fine. I was using X-Plane 11.50b2 (Vulkan) and the Zibo Boeing 738. I deliberately picked a flight into a city where it was raining and cloudy, my home city in this case, of Montreal. The flight was from CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) to CYUL (Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau). Both sceneries are those of GloballArt. Yesterday, I had done a flight between the same cities, same exact route (even SID and STAR were the same), and landing runway, but I had totally uninstalled the SkyMaxx suite and used X-Plane's weather with live downloads every 15 minutes. The frame rates were always between about a low of 22-24fps to highs of 40-50fps, with averages ranging between 28-40. Today, the framerates, unfortunately were much lower, going down to about 12fps at one point and staying mainly the in mid 20s, averaging 14-20 with a cockpit view and higher with a sky view. If I tilted up the camera view from the tarmac of the airport to the sky, or even to include part of the sky, the framerates dropped significantly. I have a few screenshots here to show you. In fact, overall, the performance was almost the same for me, as with OpenGL on X-Plane 11.41. Just wanted to share this and see if anyone else had such issues. I have read of frame rate drops with SkyMaxx, and hopefully, this problem will be gradually fixed with later versions of both X-Plane and SkyMaxx, FSGRW, RWC. ** My graphics settings are exactly the same as with 11.41 OpenGL, so I have not increased them.
  2. - no not at all, I am aware that this is a beta, but I have had several CTDs with X-Plane due to heavy weather (clouds, snow or rain storms), and this was with 11.41 or earlier OpenGL versions - FINAL versions. They were too few in number though to report. I am not the one attacking, you are. I just made a passing comment (based on an entire YEAR of experience and years more before that, of which 4 with MSFS and 20 in tech support), and you immediately started being harsh and started attacking, "mate"!!! I don't CARE if you're the founder of the United Flight Simmers Association, YOU'RE full of yourself. - Communicating doesn't mean it is ready even for a beta release. And that's not even my point anyways; I was just making an experienced observation in a forum where people DISCUSS matters, in a CIVILIZED manner, WITHOUT being attacked!!! You got THAT, little boy? - "idiotic" ey? You are too wrapped up in your bird-brained developer "world" to understand what I am really saying here. That's the problem with developers - they are totally clueless about the "real world" of end users and their needs! Oh, they THINK they know, but they don't! You ALL need to get over YOURSELVES! - All I see is that you are the a$$hole here, not me! Get over YOURSELF, because I was only making a small comment which you grabbed like a maniac and turned into a WAR of words! Do grow up little boy!... or shut up! - I JUST DID! It is your harsh response to my initial post which makes me, actually laugh at you, because you seem to think you need to defend yourself by making everyone else look small, "uneducated" and what what was that word you used? - oh yes, "idiotic". The kind of "nasy behaviour" which I did not demonstrate on my very first post here, but which you DID! And, if the admins of this forum do remain neutral, should be reported to them as abusive language. But never mind. I have wasted enough time with you. You're a sad little excuse for anything, let alone a developer; and you DON'T CARE nor know anything about customer service. You see - I'M the customer here, and YOU are the service dude. Check it out in Wikipedia. MAYBE you'll actually LEARN something about humans, end users and MANNERS!!!
  3. Here is one screenshot I did manage to take earlier today during the climb. As you can see, there aren't many clouds but it's still partly covered. The framerate was consistently around 28-38 approximately when it suddenly dropped. The new X-Plane plug-in manager shows the pie chart, with Skymaxx using up a very large amount of resources. I will have more proof when I re-install SkyMaxx and FSGRW+RWC. This is all I have now, because it's more important for us simmers to fly than to worry about getting log.txt files. I didnt' have hardly any CTDs with X-Plane (OpenGL) over the past 14 months that I've flown it and of that I flew about 12 months with SkyMaxx and the rest. But frame-rates went down a lot during cloudy, especially heavily cloudy flights or ones with precipitation using SkyMaxx. We simmers are also not interested in your incomplete software and demands about we having to provide you with info. We are not here to serve you the software developers! YOU serve us the customers! You should talk more amongst yourselves, with Laminar Research, the makers of Gizmo add-in etc... and get your bugs worked out before you release software. I work in technical support and am tired of bad software. I know it takes time to perfect things, but today, I was not interested in fixing anything, but just flying. Since everything was going perfectly until this framerate drop and freeze, then I closed X-Plane after waiting for about 1-2 minutes for it to unfreeze. I know what you need as info, so don't lecture me! Further, I just finished a flight with Skymaxx uninstalled and the X-Plane "use real world weather" enabled. The frame rates were consistently between 24-40fps and there was not a single instance of freezing, not even momentary. It was bad weather after approaching Montreal which has rain and heavy clouds now. I flew from Toronto to Montreal, since Chicago's weather already cleared up since this morning. No issues at all with default XP weather live downloads. I'll try to re-install SkyMaxx and see what happens, capture a log if it does freeze or crash.
  4. I'll give you the proof once I have the TIME to do so! It takes time to setup a new flight you know and right now, I have to go out. Suffice to say that I have years of experience with FS2004, FSX with Active Sky, and a year's worth with SkyMaxx on X-Plane. I just uninstalled all of Skymaxx and it's components. I'll do a flight probably this evening with X-Plane's default weather. Add-ons cause nothing but problems with flight sims and this hasn't changed (yet) with Vulkan in X-Plane 11.50b2. I'll try a flight with X-Plane's live weather (real-world). I am quite done with weather add-ons though. I have, like everyone else, much slower frame-rates due to clouds and other aspects of weather add-ons. There was even a discussion in the X-Plane forums about how much of a major frame-rate hit, weather has on performance. System specs may be AMD, but I don't make apologies for using AMD, because I feel NVidia charge way too much for a mere "ray tracing" and even if they have better drivers and cards, I could not see myself paying for them. See my basic specs below. CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700x GPU: AMD MSI Radeon RX-5700 Evoke, 8GB VRAM motherboard: ASUS Prime X470-Pro RAM: 32GB (4x8GB) Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4, 2666MHz., CL16 Xplane 11.50B2, Windows 10 64-bit John
  5. I had a CTD after a total freeze (not responding state) of X-Plane just now, while doing my first test flight with 11.50b (Vulkan enabled) and Skymaxx 4.92, FSGRW and Real Weather Connector. The clouds were redrawn, which meant that the weather just refreshed. After this, the framerates just plummeted from around 28-35fps to 11fps! This was with the Zibo 738 version 3.40.9 (1904 rev1) and a totaly separate copy of X-Plane 11.50 installed. It was during climb at around 35,000ft, climbin to 37, 000ft during a flight from Chicago O'Hare KORD, to Toronto Pearson CYYZ. I have had some issues even in the OpenGL version of X-Plane, totally freezing and crashing due to SkyMaxx. If I clear all weather, the framerates go up and no crashes occur. Unfortunately, I tried to re-load the flight, so I didn't save the log.txt from the original crash.
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