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  1. Hi, Here are some logs when X-plane crashes while changing SkyMaxx settings while in a flight. Note that all over-clocking has now been turned off and am running at base settings. Thanks, Photo Rascal Log crash loading settings 2.txt Log crash while loading settings.txt Log taking a long time to parse Metar.txt Log_change Horizon distance 1.txt
  2. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply on this. The other post I saw didn't specially X-plane 11.40. It was posted in the May time frame. I don't know how to point you to the exact post, but doing a search for "SkyMaxx Pro crashes X-plane" and scroll down multiple screens, it will show up. I will get you a log of when it crashes on its own. It has also crashed as I have tried to make setting changes during flights. Here is a saved log for that crash. Log_change Horizon distance 1.txt Here are my current graphics setting. I am running at a reduced resolution to up the frame rate. I have tried several different settings. With this setup, I get 15 to 20 fps in a real crowded environment or with lots of clouds. It normally runs in the 30's with a high in the 60's. One other thing I forgot to mention is that I am running 3 monitors and have two graphics cards in the system. the RTX2080 is running these 3 displays while the second GTE 1070 is running my 4th monitor which is running Plan-G3. Thanks, Photo_rascal
  3. Hi, I have looked at a couple of posts describing this error. After enabling SkyMaxx PRO V4.8, the simulation will eventually crash. I have tried to isolate what is causing the problem but have not been able to come up with a solution. X-plane does not crash with SkyMaxx Pro disabled. First about my system: I7 6700K processor at 4.1GHz 36GBytes DDR4 3600MHz 1TB M.2 SSD GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB Driver version 432 These are the only plugins I am running: I do not have any custom scenery installed (only what comes the X-plane) I am running with SkyMaxx Pro initial default settings I see no pattern in the log file after each failure. 1. SkyMaxx Pro: Coordinate system changed; repositioning cloud layers. 2. 0:13:45.358 I/SCN: DSF load time: 1561977 for file Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+30-120/+33-112.dsf (253779 tris, 3 skipped for -10.9 m^2) This is a clean install of X-plane 11.40. Any help would be appreciated. I will post a log file and metar file next time it crashes. Thanks, Photo_rascal
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