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  1. Hahahahahah! That gave me such a good belly laugh!
  2. Not wrong re. time involved, I'm just exploring now and it's pretty deep, confusing too for noobs, so I'll watch a few videos. I'm interested in what it can do to produce randomly but controllably generated grass fields, using tiled texture files. The default textures are meh.
  3. Thanks, fascinating stuff, I think I'll fiddle with the demo for a few days.Will be most interested in its texturing abilities.
  4. Yes congrats to all involved in the project, best of luck with sales at what seems a pretty fair price. Enjoy a break too!
  5. Great news, try to finish the manual so you can release ahead, just like A2A did with their C172. It's a sure way to demonstrate the depth of a sim
  6. Very impressive vid Tom! I can feel that thunk.
  7. That looks ACE! Can't wait to fly around there
  8. It might help if Goran chimed in, what with Toms tongue in cheek comment and all. It's very sad news if true, I feel very sorry for Team G&T and of course you with all the programming work put in. Please release a basic version at least, once Goran can bear to look at the file again..
  9. great news. Yes the chip is a bonus, I did actually mean your wet-wear
  10. That was more exciting than a Shuttle launch! Great work commander, keep exploring the limits of the universe! can u overclock?
  11. Ah Chatswood, love it, we've stayed there a few times when up your way, damn fine restaurants too. Kewl, this is like a live blog, a live BRICKING. No pressure maaatte!!
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