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  1. Can someone please get in touch with me in reference to support ticket KEF6T? I submitted it 9 days ago and haven't heard anything from anyone. I would like to figure out what's gone wrong with my MU-2 and Saab installations. Something happened around the time I installed Skymaxx Pro, UrbanMaxx, and Maxx FX. Now, i can't get any twin engine plane other than the Saab or Rotate MD-80 to start on the right engine. It's like a hung starter situation. Before installing the 1.7 MU-2 update, I had a strange console error pop up anytime I would load the MU-2 and move the throttles.
  2. My support ticket email finally came thru... Ticket # is KEF6T
  3. Added to my contacts list and also resubmitted a support ticket request. Attached is a screenshot of the window that comes up. I still haven't received an email confirming the support ticket #.
  4. Hi Cameron. I haven't been getting a support ticket #'s. When I went thru the process last week a message popped up saying I would be emailed a support ticket # but nothing ever came thru, not even in my junk email. I'm using a yahoo email address. Is there an email address I can add to my contacts? Yahoo may be blocking it for some reason.
  5. Tried that one week ago and still haven't heard anything from anyone. Asked twice before that using the same link as above about a download reactivation to see if reinstalling the MU-2 would help and received no response to either of those replies either. How long does it take ???? The website says usually within 3 days ???
  6. A few months back I purchased the Saab SF340, UrbanMaxx, MaxFx and Skymaxx Pro and then a couple weeks later the Rotate MD-80. I'm not sure what happened since after installing these I can no longer fly my MU-2 or any other twin engine plane, however the Saab still works fine. I'm not certain if it happened after installing the Saab and Maxx add-ons or the MD-80 since I didn't attempt to fly any of the others until after installing the MD-80. What is happening is whenever I load one of these, the right engine keeps repeatedly starting but will never start running. I just installed t
  7. I don't believe I did now that I think about it. I just checked my account and the download link has expired. Is there any way to get it reauthorized? Darrell
  8. Not sure what happened there, let's try again! http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/8029-mu2-load-problem/
  9. I'm having the same issue as mentioned in this thread http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/8029-mu2-load-problem/. I also noticed it after installing the Saab Sf340 and the Rotate MD-80. Also having issues with all of my twin engine aircraft that started occurring at the same time. The right engine hangs starting and no matter what I click I can't get the starter to stop. I"m assuming it's also related to the issue with Gizmo? Was there ever an update released for the MU-2 or Gizmo to correct this? I would like to have my beloved Mu-2 back. Darrell
  10. Thought some of you might find this interesting. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the MU-2. http://www.air1st.com/around-the-word-n50et.html Darrell
  11. HI guys, thanks for the info. I completely forgot about HDR It kills my system for some reason. Darrell
  12. Hi Tom, I've noticed that when the taxi lights are on only the right one appears to be visible on the runway. IDK if this is something to do with my setup or if it's a bug to squash! Darrell
  13. Thanks for the update Tom! I just updated to 64-bit in preparation for the big release! Looking forward to spending many hours flying the Moo! Darrell
  14. Thanks for the updates. Definitely looking forward to the newest version! Darrell
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