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  1. Pls. see the picture of the calibration window. It shows the display, when both levers are on their minimum position. May it could depend on the little rest of mixture, indicated by the blue line, which I can't get rid off. That is caused by the programming of the interface within X-Plane. On FSX or P3D there exist a PFC.dll plugin, which I can modifiy with the FSUIPC-Plugin from Pete Dawson. Both plugins represent the same interface, and thus they are more open for individual changes compared with this box "PFC configuration" within X-Plane. Unfortunately this aircraft isn
  2. But I have one, and we cannot clear the mixture inside the sim, because there is no appropiate option without mixture in the PFC-configuration. Pls. notice my comment on wd's parallel post on X-Plane: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193088-pfc-pcatd-and-hotstart-tbm/&tab=comments#comment-2104581 So, it results in a software problem, I think, because all 6 pens which are going into the throttle unit are untouched. And the software problem, I guess, is located on the sim's side, not the PFC-side. But let's see. Today I contacted Ben Supnik. May he can help an
  3. Hi Albert, let me pick up your idea, the sharing airframes could be a solution to sync the engine-run on both computers. But as Goran told, it is not. Are you satisfied with the aircraft behaviour on the External Computer? Me not. I have the same configuration as you, and since I control the TBM900 on the Master computer mostly with cockpit displays and external hardware, I use the External computer with multimonitors for the scenery and sometimes for the outside view of the aircraft as well. Since I can control the aircaft engine quite well on the master computer, the aircra
  4. Your understanding is exactly correct, CJ. I'm able to start the engine with the "keine", means no throttle option; see first option in picture above. >>From that point it should ignore any mixture inputs. This your expierience I cannot share. As I wrote above, when engine is running, started without throttle option "keine", and then activate the throttle again via the option "1 throttle + 1 mixture", engine shuts down immedately. Meanwhile I found a fellow sufferer; see https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193088-pfc-pcatd-and-hotstart-tbm/&tab=comments#
  5. Thanks CJ, for your investigation, but I think I've found the coot cause: It is a missing PFC-throttle option offered in PFC Hardware configuration (see picture). X-Plane should offer "1 Schubhebel/throttle" only! It seems that the aircaft software stumbled about the "& Gemischhebel/mixture", although the lever is untouched, even if I dismount the module at all. That means, it couldn't come from the hardware itself, and seems to be only a software problem in the system. When I pull of the USB connector of the throttle unit or set the PFC-throttle option to "keine/none", the
  6. Hi Guys, may I reactivate this thread, because I didn't get the message disappeared only if I switch off the fuel tank selector. I'm not able to start a new engine start up, because this message appears every time again and again. The ITT doesn't move. It seems, that no ignition take place ... Unfortunately Captain Al didn't write, how he succeed finally and how much desperate he suffered through within this one year - But I don't want to wait so long. I mean, the description above is clear. In the QuickStartGuide.pdf Chapter 5 (Engine Startup) we'll find a detailed d
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