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  1. A year later ... Meanwhile I bought the Honeycomb throttle and configured it as a single engine unit with only one throttle (no mixture) and the engine runs without any combustion flooded stuff! It all depends on configuration possibilities, which was to be proved -
  2. Your reference to pg. 16 of the SR22 AIM according the Pitch Trim System supports further details to my interest: It is an electrical motor, that set up the neutral position of the compression spring cartridge in the elevator control system. That reminds me a bit of the initial adjustment of the car’s headlights when you turn on the engine key or button. Since the electrical motor supports the mechanical spring system, I’ll revise my “old school” a bit
  3. Please calm yourself, Andreas. I mean the programming, not the CAPS itself. That is, of course, a very good safety device! And if you follow the checklist for training purposes, why not a cover in the net –
  4. My picture according to automatic looks something like electronics. So, what I’ve read anywhere has to be better named as yours “snap back”. O. K., that’s it, so far, thanks a lot, and coming back to my origin attention: Before Take Off I had to check, if the stick axis is sync to the T.O. position, isn’t it?
  5. Any idea to the automatic setting? There is a coolie hat on the yoke, but not animated. What is the function in real? Does it change the pitch trim?
  6. Oh, what a mystical gimmick - But may be it is real, isn't it?
  7. manually on the stick! How oldschool ... anyway, something to monitor.
  8. Sometimes I discover a DVD in the right door's net, but nothing happens when I click on that. And I haven’t really understood the system behind its appearance. When does it appear and what can I do with that?
  9. On page 35 of „SR22 AIM.pdf” I stuck at the one before last “Before Take Off” check: Trim … SET Takeoff. 1. What do I have to do exactly and where? I grant, this is the first aircraft where I haven’t yet found a pitch trim indicator which has to be checked normally every time before takeoff - I discovered in internet descriptions, that this aircraft has an automatic setting of the pitch trim. 2. Thus, what does this check should request to me, when pitch trim will be done by automatic? 3. What kind of manufacturer security is behind that to omit it? If there will be a failure, I haven’t just even the possibility to check it somewhere on the panel to stay on ground - Gerhard
  10. What does this switch in the Load Manager exactly do? I neither recognize any changes when switching nor identified any comment in the Manual.
  11. Before deleting NA_Record.txt and NA_State.txt: “Unfortunately,” I couldn’t reproduce the stutter even with increasing IMC intensity from SCT, over BRK to OVC. I started the flight both with running engine and cold and dark last week and today, but couldn’t reproduce a similar situation, except, when I lean too much. But that stutter is significant higher than the coincidentally happened one, which I described above. After deleting NA_Record.txt and NA_State.txt: The new NA_State.txt contained different text, but the maintenance information kept the same. Regarding stutter that change delivered no additional information. I’m going to continue my training with that aircraft for a while, and since I can capture a new stutter, I’ll post the log.txt. Gerhard.
  12. 1. Issue with Engine Oscillation SR22 G1000 After Take Off: Not really something new, but that my stutter appears as well already on the first flight after Take Off without clouds ... (interesting ...) 2. CHT overheat issues with 1.2.1 Release: Coop: "That is what it shows when there isn't anything being caught on the inspection (nothing under Engine Entries or System Entries)" mtbparker: "Ah! Ok. I was interpreting it to mean there might be something in the engine intakes." That is my interpretation as well, but if there hasn't anything to be done, isn't it a bit misunderstandable? If I find the note "Replaced fuel filter element" that tells me: somebody has already replaced the fuel filter system. But what is the sense of that for me? If I would find: "fuel filter element to be filled" it has an appeal function with an action for me. If fact, that could be a reason for stutter, when the fuel filter is congested. Would be a good programmable aspect in future! Further to me: Any kind of leaning, pitot heat switch or ICE switch doesn't change stutter ... I always used SR22 so far, not SR22TN. Versioncheck: "TN_Record.txt" is empty, "TN_State.txt" has information; both files are dated from the first use with Vers 1.2.1. No difference found between both versions. 3. Oxygen Switch not working Nothing what can help me. Summary: 1. stutter problem: no further help found 2. maintenance: meanwhile I’m convinced that “The following services needed to be performed:” tells me more or less, that there has already been done something, hence no appeal for me. If I had been prompted to do something, I would expect the word need in present tense not in past. To get your clear opinion, Coop, I’ll attach my latest SR22 logbook. Do I have to do something for engine to repair, and if yes, what and how? SR22_logbook_20211125.zip
  13. discussing as well in Engine roughness and power loss when in IMC
  14. The RTX 1070 Ti GPU is installed for all the documentation. To your assumed engine damage, I can tell you that on the first flight with stutter I didn’t discover any abnormalities in maintenance report. Today there is a report which should to be cleared and adjusted, before we continue with the examination around the stutter issue, o. k.? In almost all of the 7 Inspection parts I found: “The following services needed to be performed: ENGINE ENTRIES SYSTEM ENTRIES” The history I found in …/Output/SR22/logbook But I don’t find anything about “ENGINE ENTRIES“ in the documentation how to fix. Where can I find a documentation about that? But I found 3 entries about that in this forum. Let me first see, what’s going on there …
  15. Based on my experience the root cause is close to "clouds", as Oliver already mentioned. So I played a bit with the graphics levers. "Number of World Objects" doesn't change anything. It mainly controls the density of the groundbuildings. "Visual Effects" does something: The screenshot with the low 15 FPS from Nov/17th was taken with 75% setting (No 1 on the picture). The screenshot with the well 27 FPS from Nov/23th was taken with 50% setting (No 2 on the picture). This leads to picture No 3 with 27 FPS, but somewhere along the way from POM to SAGER iaf (Aproach-KSNA-I20R) its engine starts stutter again! How can you explain that? Still with CPU-Performance?
  16. ... instead of the cpu, the gpu has significant more load, around 90%, 10% less with a RTX 2080Ti card. So for my feeling, it has something to do with the Graphics settings!
  17. Thanks for your response, Coop, but I'm not really convinced of your claim "the CPU is saturated and ..." to be the root cause, because the CPU runs with only 25% load. I closed all other software such as Firefox, GIT, third party weather, or any other tools, but I can't notice a change in that 25% load number. In the picture you can find as well a screenshot of the plugins. So, let me know, if you guess which could be responsible. The scenery is standard laminar. As you can notice in my picture from Nov/17th there are only a few buildings; hence no challenging scenery.
  18. Hi Guys, I have the same problems with the SR22 as Oliver describes: the engine power pushes up and down in an oscillating cycle of half a second bucking and shaking the whole aircraft, let me call it the ghost. It appeared mostly in high throttle conditions, but not always. Interesting to read that it would appear only in IMC - I mainly flew in scattered weather, but with your information I took some examinations and I can confirm. On the picture you can see, the approaching clouds descended the FPS significantly and at 15 the ghost appeared. Since I mostly fly in 3D cockpit view, I don't really notice the weather change, but the cockpit-FPS decreased in the same way. That surprised me, because from my experience the FPS in cockpit-view are mostly higher than those in environment-view. Coop, about the root cause you said something "performance limitations on your computer." Well, I have an - Intel-CPU i9-9900K with 8 cores running XP with 4.8GHz and a 16GB Main-RAM - Nvidia-GPU GTX1070TI with 8GB-RAM Do you think that isn't enough for your Torquesim SR22 1.2.2?
  19. Pls. see the picture of the calibration window. It shows the display, when both levers are on their minimum position. May it could depend on the little rest of mixture, indicated by the blue line, which I can't get rid off. That is caused by the programming of the interface within X-Plane. On FSX or P3D there exist a PFC.dll plugin, which I can modifiy with the FSUIPC-Plugin from Pete Dawson. Both plugins represent the same interface, and thus they are more open for individual changes compared with this box "PFC configuration" within X-Plane. Unfortunately this aircraft isn't available for P3D, for ex. To buy another kind of throttle, will mean for me to change the complete throttle system with all my different modules ...
  20. But I have one, and we cannot clear the mixture inside the sim, because there is no appropiate option without mixture in the PFC-configuration. Pls. notice my comment on wd's parallel post on X-Plane: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193088-pfc-pcatd-and-hotstart-tbm/&tab=comments#comment-2104581 So, it results in a software problem, I think, because all 6 pens which are going into the throttle unit are untouched. And the software problem, I guess, is located on the sim's side, not the PFC-side. But let's see. Today I contacted Ben Supnik. May he can help and offer a "one throttle" option without mixture into the sim's PFC-configuration.
  21. Hi Albert, let me pick up your idea, the sharing airframes could be a solution to sync the engine-run on both computers. But as Goran told, it is not. Are you satisfied with the aircraft behaviour on the External Computer? Me not. I have the same configuration as you, and since I control the TBM900 on the Master computer mostly with cockpit displays and external hardware, I use the External computer with multimonitors for the scenery and sometimes for the outside view of the aircraft as well. Since I can control the aircaft engine quite well on the master computer, the aircraft engine on the external one sends out fire, smoke and aircraft rollover activities during taxi. It is impossible to use the external multimonitors as a window, thus I stopped that session after a short taxi event on the apron. After that, the aircraft on the External is so much damaged that I must create a new airframe. This behaviour didn't appear on the Default aircrafts or those from Carenado. I think the TBM900 is too much complex, so that X-plane doesn't supply all the necessary rules for the engine start up. What's your experience with the aircraft behaviour on the External? Regards Gerd
  22. Your understanding is exactly correct, CJ. I'm able to start the engine with the "keine", means no throttle option; see first option in picture above. >>From that point it should ignore any mixture inputs. This your expierience I cannot share. As I wrote above, when engine is running, started without throttle option "keine", and then activate the throttle again via the option "1 throttle + 1 mixture", engine shuts down immedately. Meanwhile I found a fellow sufferer; see https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/193088-pfc-pcatd-and-hotstart-tbm/&tab=comments#comment-1763971
  23. Thanks CJ, for your investigation, but I think I've found the coot cause: It is a missing PFC-throttle option offered in PFC Hardware configuration (see picture). X-Plane should offer "1 Schubhebel/throttle" only! It seems that the aircaft software stumbled about the "& Gemischhebel/mixture", although the lever is untouched, even if I dismount the module at all. That means, it couldn't come from the hardware itself, and seems to be only a software problem in the system. When I pull of the USB connector of the throttle unit or set the PFC-throttle option to "keine/none", the start up and shutdown of the engine works perfectly. Unbelievable, that the aircraft recognizes that ... The effect ist catastophal: When I occasionally succeed with the engine run (only two or three times in total), both NG and ITT sway up and down (low NG -> high ITT and vice versa). One trial it stabilized, kept running in Idle mode for while (20 min), but then suddenly NG shuted down accidentally without any visible reason. Since ITT rised up quickly, I could save the engine by switching off Ignition and boost pump and switch on the starter for cooling air. Exciting! When I start the engine with PFC-throttle option to "keine/none" until MFD-checklist pg. 2 middle (before PFD/MFD preparation) while engine is running perfectly and then switch the PFC-throttle option back to "1 Schubhebel/throttle + 1 Gemischhebel/mixture", the engine shuted down immedately with the effect I described above. May I write a request to Jennifer to add this necessary "1 Schubhebel/throttle" option. Currently, I'm not able to fly the aircraft with my PFC-throttle Unit. Regards Gerhard
  24. Hi Guys, may I reactivate this thread, because I didn't get the message disappeared only if I switch off the fuel tank selector. I'm not able to start a new engine start up, because this message appears every time again and again. The ITT doesn't move. It seems, that no ignition take place ... Unfortunately Captain Al didn't write, how he succeed finally and how much desperate he suffered through within this one year - But I don't want to wait so long. I mean, the description above is clear. In the QuickStartGuide.pdf Chapter 5 (Engine Startup) we'll find a detailed description, how to proceed: All 10 steps on pg. 33 are checked including BLEED OFF, AC-Switch off and Fuel tank selector to R or L. All CAS msg are identically to those described below 5.3 Establishing Electrical Power: 3 red ones (PARK BREAK, FUEL PRESS, OIL PRESS) and 2 yellow ones (VACUUM LOW, AUTO SEL) O. K., I have yellow GPU DOOR as well, but it is clear with SOURCE to GPU. To your POH-Advice: I found PIM_TBM900__E1.pdf. Do you mean that one? Here I found the startup procedure under chapter 4.3 and a motoring procedure 1/3 ... 3/3 starting on pg. 262. But it doesn't help. Several You Tube videos about start up are existing where enging start up is working fine, not with me - Does anyone have an idea to narrow down the rootcause? Tnx in advance, Gerhard
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