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  1. And here an aircraft behind me nearly same altitude
  2. Will check But even in unrestricted this aircraft +5200 doesn't show up in the TBM and if unrestricted is +-10000, it should Again an screenshot taken from Garmin Pilot in the iPad.
  3. If I choose TCAS in Traffic Global the ai traffic shows on the Map in the TBM, but not in the TCAS. Attached to pictures TCAS of the TBM and Garmin Pilot on iPad which is connected to X-plane
  4. Wasn't mentained that the Beta of GIZMO would be disabled at some point?
  5. With changing i meant that i had to change something regarding the Flighplan Didn't touch any of the TBM files. I changed the Vsync settings in the Nvidia Control panel to adaptive sync. Could that cause problems? Wiered is also that now if i click on MFD or PFD, they pop only out the screen. Before it was the whole "stack"
  6. I started a flight and the keypad was warking. After a while i had to change something and was not able to pop out the keypad. Even though the cursor shows that there is a clickspot, nothing happens. It seems that somehow something is not aligned correctly. Strangely it worked beginning of the flight Tried the red revisiory button, nothing changed Also i noticed that the G1000 MFD popup is now borderles, before it was the whole stack i guess, including knobs. The PFD is working correctly
  7. With the latest version (TG and TBM) i have no problem with the TBM and TG. With TCAS enabled. Have flown some hours in X-Plane 11.5 B13, not a single CTD. But i guess it depends on PC / plugins But for me it is working perfekt.
  8. Problem solved, i guess. After i loaded the Cessna everything works fine
  9. Just Installed the Update and also choose the Gizmo Beta version during Install. When i try to load the Islander, X-PLane crashes to desktop with this in the log Aircraft/X-Aviation/TorqueSim BN-2 Islander/plugins/is_systems/win_x64/is_systems.xpl : Error Code = 1114 : Eine DLL-Initialisierungsroutine ist fehlgeschlagen.
  10. is my observation correct, that the TBM in B10 with EFM enabled, does need a lot more pulling on the yoke to rotate? I have sometimes the feeling in some situations that there isn't enough control authority regarding the stabilizer. Also i noticed that with recent updates the TBM became much more sensitive on the yoke. Don't know it it's the X-Plane Beta Update or the TBM update. Maybe it's because XP in Version 11.5 is running on my machine very smooth and with higher Frames. About 40 all the Time. And wasn't there in the beginning an option regarding the TBM that would ma
  11. That is not the problem but it would be nice to see the actual figures versus the ones i came up with during Flight Planning
  12. On some Planes there are buttons in the G1000 where you can adjust the fuel load
  13. I just flew an hour in Orbx Florida HD with the TBM in B9. Was smother than ever. Had the stuttering before, but that was in 11.41 i guess. But now even at Orlando with Detail on Max and frames dropping in the mid 20's, it was at all smooth.. So i can say it runs really well on my side. Seems not to be a general problem. I also tried different stuff to tweak X-Plane. In the end i noticed that i gain the most if i take it how it is. Tweaked the NCP, noticed that X-Plane runs best with no custom settings in the NVIDIA CP. Tried different tools the manipulate the LOD, in the en
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