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Keypad popup not working anymore

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I started a flight and the keypad was warking. After a while i had to change something and was not able to pop out the keypad. Even though the cursor shows that there is a clickspot, nothing happens. It seems that somehow something is not aligned correctly. Strangely it worked beginning of the flight 


Tried the red revisiory button, nothing changed
Also i noticed that the G1000 MFD popup is now borderles, before it was the whole stack i guess, including knobs. 

The PFD is working correctly

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Have no idea what could be causing this, because as you say, you changed something, and now things are different.  What exactly did you do?  Can you put whatever it is you did, back to how it was?  Failing that, the only thing I can suggest is a reinstall.

Just a side note, due to the nature of the the TBM and how it is put together, we ask people not to make any changes to any of the files.  No matter how small the changes may be, the consequences could be irreversible.

If it can't be fixed, then I'm afraid your only option is a complete TBM reinstall.

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With changing i meant that i had to change something regarding the Flighplan ;)
Didn't touch any of the TBM files.

I changed the Vsync settings in the Nvidia Control panel to adaptive sync. Could that cause problems?

Wiered is also that now if i click on MFD or PFD, they pop only out the screen. Before it was the whole "stack"


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