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  1. For some reason, every time I start a flight, the landing gear handle is up and the external view shows the gear partially retracted. I have to open the maintenance page, access the gear to put the plane up on pegs, then turn on the battery to get the gear to properly lower. Then close the maintenance gear access and proceed as normal. I have ensured that shutdown is always done correctly. All other switches and controls stay in the same location I leave them in shutdown, except the gear. Has anyone else experienced this? It's getting annoying to go through the process at the
  2. Still a problem for me as well.
  3. This is actually still an issue. The in flight calculations are based off of the amount of fuel the aircraft has when it loads into the sim. Not the amount that you fill from the payload screen.
  4. Looks like it was fixed in the recent patch. May have been calculating in liters not gallons.
  5. I've been to that page, but it shows the correct amount of fuel. I also can't find any way to change the amount.
  6. Everything on the MFD regarding fuel is correct with the exception of the flightplan page. It calculates the fuel use correctly, just not the actual fuel quantity. It always seems to show, at the start, only the fuel on board when the aircraft was loaded in. Not reflecting any fuel added after the aircraft loads into the sim. Is there some page I am missing on the MFD to adjust the fuel so that it matches what the rest of the readouts show? Fuel gauges, fuel page, both correct.
  7. Can it be turned off (removed from the dashboard)?
  8. I have an issue that the runway is not on SV at the end of a flight, but if I exit out and start a new flight, it's there. Consistent at almost every airport. Runways are present at departure, not present at arrival.
  9. Course knob on the AP panel adjusts it in all modes. Thank you!! That was driving me nuts.
  10. I am sure I am just missing something but I can not get the OBS function to work on the PFD. In GPS mode, the button is usable, but I can not find any control that actually changes the setting. When in NAV1 or NAV2, the button is not even there. This makes anything but a preset GPS course unusable for me. Can someone please educate me or point me to the correct manual? The default G1000 manual is pretty clear, but the Baro knob on the TBM900 PFD does not have a cursor ability like the default G1000.
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