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  2. Hi foks, Is anyone running the TBM with JustFlights Traffic Global; as is well known the TBM doesn't play well with AI traffic (crashes and no TCAS display)? Was going to get Traffic Global, but not if it isn't TBM friendly; can anyone advise? Cheers
  3. GordonH85

    XP 11.35

    Has anyone updated to 11.35 - any issues with the TBM? Cheers
  4. Active Sky XP and Ultra weather XP are the only other plugins/scripts running during the flight in the screenshots above. I did suspect it could be a maintenance issue or glitch, so I created a fresh airframe for the flight shown in the pics above. For what its worth; the only other aircraft I've experienced something similar on is the newly released Cessna Citation Mustang from RWDesigns - both that and the TBM use the XP G1000...could there be an issue with the G1000 itself? For clarity, I've also done several flights in the Aerobask Epic E1000 and default C172SP G1000 and I c
  5. Had several instances of this recently. Programmed FL270 then climbed to around FL250 in FLC mode @ 170 knots. Then the final 2000feet or so in VS mode at +600fpm - autopilot reached FL270 but continued to climb an extra 500 feet or so before levelling off - please see pics. And, when trying to correct it I selected FL260 and descend in VS mode @ -1000fpm yet the aircraft pitches up and begins to climb at approx +1700fpm?!?!?
  6. On ILS approach to EGPH and decided to use Synth vis pathway as I hadn't used it in a while; however it wasn't showing on the PFD when selected. Ideas?
  7. Happy to report rolling back to v11.34 and a TBM re-install seems to have fixed my issues here
  8. Will roll back to 11.34, and also try the control stiffening setting; cheers lads. G
  9. Hi guys, having a strange issue with the TBM. During some flights the aircraft will begin "bobbing" up and down; small but constant pitching up and down. It does it with ASXP enabled or with default weather - I've removed all weather/turbulence from the flight scenario but it makes no difference. Also, I've noticed sometimes whilst following GPS in NAV mode the TBM will drift off course without touching any controls. I have to go into HDG mode and intercept the magenta GPS line again and it will begin to follow??? Running XP 11.35b3, TBM v1.1.9 Fresh XP11 and TBM install - no LU
  10. @cpuwolf Difference: 900 Yuan or 1500 Yuan? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-18408194478.3.6f965b84GYWUa7&id=584036361539 or https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-18408194478.21.6f965b84GYWUa7&id=583828844783
  11. Tried to set up a Wechat account, very difficult! Very paranoid login and signup!
  12. Please post back here when international shipping is available - I'd like to order one to the UK
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