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  1. I'd like to request commands for Ground Services -> Refuel -> Refuel Truck Ground Services -> Refuel -> Interior Refuel/Defuel panel So that I can map keyboard shortcuts to these pop-ups. Thanks!
  2. I'd like to also a popup toggle for the 2D Refuel Truck. I can make a new thread if necessary, but it seemed related.
  3. Thanks Bob, you're absolutely right. I've edited my original post to reflect that.
  4. With a TO N1 of about 89%, pitch of 5.5 units and about 10-12% range of travel on my T16000M into the full pitch range I was rotating to about 22 degrees before 250 AGL. With that same setup, at 4.4 units, I was closer to about 15 degrees at 250 AGL. Through 1000 AGL, I'm still setting the elevator trim to just outside of the green band to settle on 8-10 degrees of pitch for the transition into FD sync. Part of the challenge, obviously is the joystick. As I have to go hands off to manipulate the mouse. I suspect I'd be in better shape with a yoke, being able to apply constant positive pressure with my non-mouse hand. As a result I've tried to bind 95% of my needs to my Streamdeck so I can keep my hand on the joystick as often as possible during manual flight, so I don't have to be perfectly in trim.
  5. For me, with the Thrustmaster T16000M I've been finding 4.4-4.6 to be a better setting with a vanilla controller profile. I was finding anything north of 5.0 the plane was leaping off the runway and blowing through 15 degrees of pitch on take off roll.
  6. From the Collins ProLine 21 manual: On the MFD Plan Map, when the flyover attribute is added, the flight plan route is drawn as a line through the flyover waypoint. An arrowhead that points toward the waypoint that follows the flyover waypoint indicates an offset from the next course because of the flyover
  7. This has been the recommendation on other threads. Popup Icing Display - Utilities - X-Plane.Org Forum
  8. First de-ice in a while with the new 1.4 update and radio calls were fine. So probably operator error on my end, as I've yet to see anyone else report the issue as well.
  9. Huh? Yes, I know they do. What I wrote in my initial post is that I can set a keyboard command for say altitude up and altitude down. When I press and hold the key on my keyboard the altitude knob will spin (albeit slower than the TBM) until I release the key. On the CL650 the knob that is used to change the parameters for the baro minimums, despite having a command will not continue to spin the knob. If you press and hold the bound command down the knob will only increment the baro minimum to 10 and then stop. A second key stroke, 20 and then stop. What I've requested is that the keyboard binding functions like the heading, course, speed or altitude knob The command I'm referring to (and requesting the consideration for change) is: CL650/DCP/1/menu_data_down DCP 1 MENU DATA knob down CL650/DCP/1/menu_data_up DCP 1 MENU DATA knob up
  10. Odd, I've done it 4 times now and I've never gotten a call.
  11. Fresh NVIDIA driver set and no crash. Thanks!
  12. Is it possible to implement the de-ice truck letting you know over the com that they're done and driving off? There's an initial announcement of procedure but no conclusion.
  13. Log.txt is attached First CTD with the aircraft in 30+ flights, latest version of XP-11 & CL650 Last line of the backtrace is... 2022-01-28 11:54:21 CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found) --=={This application has crashed!}==-- But full log is attached. I can strip all the add-ons/plugins and redo the flight but it won't be for another several hours and wanted to get the ticket logged. Log.txt
  14. I must be missing something. I don't hear anything. I did the install (confirmed the file and the folder is in my scripts folder) but did not tweak any settings in the LUA file. I understood the instructions to only warrant editing the file if you wanted V2 & positive rate (everything else was 'automatic'). I have my speeds entered but just silence. Did ya'll change the default volume sound? Is the sound impacted by wearing or not wearing the headset inside the aircraft?
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