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  1. Clean install of 1.1.9 Departing out of KLGA, landed there an hour earlier in the A319 (full sim restart before installing & launching TBM) Crash to desktop at about Vr on takeoff roll. Log.txt
  2. Thanks for the update push, absolutely love flying this in XP11.
  3. Certainly. Created! I put it as a major instead of blocker because the plane still appears to operate against the programmed FMS route, there's just no visual indication.
  4. I saw the scripts update and proceed to run it (following the instructions) just replacing the content of the scripts folder. The error message pop-ups after immediately after executing the FPLN from the FMS, entering just a departure, arrival and a single VIA waypoint. When I click the execute button the PFD (which is set to FMS) goes blank and that error message appears. I tried rolling back the scripts update (restarting) and receive the same error. I then tried removing the entire aircraft folder and just doing the v2.1.1 install and now also receive that error message. Anyt
  5. Ilias - My pleasure! Noted on the GTN. There are several planes that I have which support it natively, so I'll keep that in mind. The current avionics system is great, easy to use and easy to read. This evening I finally did a flight up in the higher flight levels (a lot of short hops getting familiar with it) and discovered the X-Plane feature of hypoxia. See attached screenshot. I'm at FL250 and the cabin pressure knob can go no further to the right to increase the altitude. Am I missing something?
  6. Ilias, Absolutely loving the aircraft. I'm new(ish) to X-Plane and after purchasing a few aircraft that were on-sale for Black Friday, I'm finding that I'm preferring to fly your aircraft instead! I had a question, though, as I'm still figuring out the features of the built-in FMS. I'm coming over from P3D where I've grown accustomed to the GTN 750. Although it probably won't slot in via the 3D cockpit, if I were to purchase the RealityXP GTN 750 would it interface with your aircraft (at least via a pop-up)? I understand it to work in place of the default GPS which I also unders
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