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  1. The GTN 750 is partially showing in the Flap\Bendix indicator box. Can only see the bottom yellow text of gtn750. Some work needed. The ovation II with the G5 and GTN750 would be a nice plane if it all worked. Sound from ATIS gets in a loop and doesn't finish before repeating itself. Any help appreciated. Thanks Ernest The Ovation III and Acclaim ATIS sounds are OK. Just the II. Can I copy some file from either of these to the ovation II to correct the problem? When the plane is completely shut down and in external view you can still hear the engine running.
  2. I just purchased it also, and same problem. I bought it because it said it was compatible with the 750. When I went to support as for help all I got was a message telling me to go elsewhere. To this sight ???? First time purchase, not happy. Where is the support? Ernest
  3. I just purchased this and have the same problem. They advertise it is comparable, that is why I got it. My first purchase from this company, and was mislead thru false advertising. Not good, and no help available.
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