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  1. @rafgath I got the igoDispatch 1.4.7 working fine out of the box on Windows 7 64bit with IXEG 1.3 running on XP 11.41.
  2. On IXEG the long range cruise is done on mach .74 as showed on lrc-crz.png file. The only other optoin is ECON cruise, done on mach .73, which is algo de default, as showed on econ-crz.png If I plan on iGo Dispatch, fuel option "long range cruize", then I should select LRC on IXEG FMC correct? If I plan on iGo Dispatch, fuel option ".74m", what shall I select on IXEG FMC? As IXEG FMC "Long Range Cruise" is .74m and ECON is .73m I dont see a direct relation with iGo Dispatch fuel plan of .74m and long range cruise as the seem to be the same thing on IXEG FMC, which is "long range cruise" What am I missing? Thanks.
  3. Nice. Tnks a lot man. Again, great app.
  4. I did the heavy flight again, and this time took the screenshots just after TOC and just after landing. One thing I didnt notice before was the optimal flight level being so high for a fligh so short, I dont thing I may get FL340 and get down on 29 min flight, am I thinking right? FMC gives 144 flaps 30 for 55.3 tons. Vref for this flap and 55 tons is 141, so 144 seens reasonable for what the FMC gives. So 144 + 5 knots = 149 knots, however performance tab gives 115 knots. tnks again man!
  5. It was a 29 min flight on FL180. I got the screenshots just after TOC. I gess it was about what the FMC showed, after all, how come 55.2 tons on the 15-20 min left, on descend, spend so much fuel that lands on 121 knots (vref for 40 tons)?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. By the link you mentioned (http://www.b737.org.uk/vspeeds.htm) the vref for 55 tons is 141 knots on flap 30, the FMC (heavy1.png) gives 144 knots for 55.2 tons on flap 30, which is close. heavy2.png shows that igo Dispatch knows the takeoff weight of 56.1 (classic has 56.4 mtow right?) for this 29min heavy flight. How come the igo dispatch, on the performance tab, gives 121 knots for this flaps and weight when the the FMC gives 144 and the vref table gives 141? (heavy3.png) Now, the same 29 min flight, very light. The FMC gives 116knots for flaps 30 and 37.6 tons, which is also about what the vref table has (111knots) for flaps 30 and 35 tons. Here, the igo dispatch performance tab gives 115 knots, which is fine. It feels like the igo dispatch performance tab is not working properly when plane gets heavy, after all, how come it gives 121 knots when the the FMC gives 144 and the vref table gives 141? Also, 115 + 20 = 135, why is (light3.png) stating my airspeed exceeded vref+20? Finally, as I think igo dispatch is used on flight planning, it will be great if you implement the calculation for the flight plan item 19 endurance time, as you said before on "... I see your point ..." Thanks a lot again, for the tool and your promptness!
  7. Hi there, 1) why is igo Dispatch, on the performance tab, showing a speed thats way below what the FMC gives for landing? 2) what am I dont wrong that igo Dispatch doenst check the wing body overheat test on the procedure tab, even after I hold it for 5 or more seconds? 3) Is it possible to change the sufficient fuel time, on the ACARS tab, to show the endurance time before engine start (to be used on the flight plan)? Thanks.
  8. Thanks a lot for the answer BjornMa. I though the "ground air supply" was air conditioning.
  9. What's the right position for packs and recirc fan when using ground air supply? When I switch the packs to AUTO, I can hear the sound of air flowing, however, the temperature raises. See image "all-auto-hot.png" When I switch the packs to off, temparature drops and stabilizes at about 22C, but now theres no sound of air flowing. See image "all-off-22c.png" How shall I place theses switches when using ground air supply? thanks.
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