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  1. Sorry for OT, but you got me dreaming about IXEG 747-200 ... Can you imagine this with custom coded triple INS and three cockpit members using shared cockpit? Would love to take the seat of Flight Engineer
  2. Short final to Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI) after the famous LOC DME EAST approach 737 resting on the apron
  3. Something different for a change
  4. The smell of brand new plastic can be very unpleasant and lead to headaches on 4hr+ flights at Mach 0.67, you know? Some dust on top bezels of various instruments, used leather seats and even shallow scratches is something majority would still find more cozy overall, i think
  5. Goran, no idea how you've done that but the second screenshot smells kerosene
  6. Descend... Landing... And taxi!
  7. I have had this problem before, but just now i have closed X-Plane after lengthy 7,5 hour long session and ... i'm happy to report SMP did not eat my frames permanently! Flew Europe from south to far north (LFKC-EPWR-EFRO) with the IXEG and SMP 3.3.2+RWC+FSGRW+MaxxFX (+XSquawkBox, X-Camera etc.). This included ~2 hr stop at EPWR with FSGRW constantly updating weather in the background (again, without shutting down X-Plane!). It might be worth adding skies are mostly clear over Europe today, no CB - but still SMP generated a lot of occasional cloud formations during that period. Apart from some RWC issues (clouds sometimes popping right in front of my face at cruise) and IXEG VNAV/MCP bugs (i hope next hotfix is around the corner) i'm pretty happy with stability. I've alt+tabbed in and out of X-Plane around 200 times (the infamous Windows 10 update uninstalled), 20+ applications running in the background and X-Plane loaded/unloaded gigabytes of add-on scenery (including hogs like HD Mesh, Warsaw City+airport and Helsinki VFR with extended scenery on). FYI, my SMP settings:
  8. Lining up runway 05R at Dusseldorf, Germany [EDDL] Overflying Zurich area, Switzerland Crossing The Alps southbound Hand flying localizer approach into Calvi, France [LFKC] with Flight Director and Autothrottle off
  9. That confirms my findings 100%. I alt+tab a lot during my flights (to check charts, weather etc.) and never observed anything like this in my 5 yrs with X-Plane. Until recently! After two hour flight i landed and was taxing to stand when i switched to different Windows app for the n-th time (PDF reader - charts) and suddenly my X-Plane slowed down from 30+ to 2 fps ... I wasn't able to cure this by switching in and out of full-screen mode, nor by changing rendering settings, disabling plugins etc. Luckily for me this happened during taxi after landing and only partially ruined my flight that day. Although i can alt+tab one hundred times and nothing bad may happen, like you said it's best to avoid it (or uninstall mentioned W10 update).
  10. Sitting on the apron at Warsaw, Poland after arrival from Bucharest, Romania Cockpit ready for turnaround One of the last summer days here in Poland, +30c at ground level results in some nice CB buildups during climb On my way to Salzburg, Austria! And some more cockpit porn! ;]
  11. Refreshing my helicopter flying skills and exploring the new Bucharest airport scenery by DAI-Media at the same time!
  12. I don't want to ruin this hardware comparison thread, but (as usual) everyone's forgeting about one very important factor - RESOLUTION... I could possibly run 1080p at 60fps most of the time, but my native 3440x1440 is halving the framerate. Please remember to post the resolution you run the sim at when comparing. 1080p vs 4k is a whole different animal with the same hardware and X-Plane settings!
  13. Clouds on the second shot are amazing. I wish some payware developer would make a proper IL-76 for X-Plane ...
  14. Late evening flight from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia [UWGG] to Minsk, Belarus [UMMS]
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