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  1. I'd settle for just remembering my credentials so I don't have to enter them three times to get an update, or at the very least remembering where my X-Plane folder is between installs :).
  2. No problem at all! Anything I can do to make bug reports less vague, I will try to do.
  3. I can confirm with 1.07 the original issue is gone.
  4. I'll do this both with and without the bad values in the preferences to check
  5. I thought I would report on something odd that happened to me on 1.03. FSCloud wasn't working so I thought I would test out a midair flight restore at FL240. The position, electrics, etc all were fine but the engine was giving no thrust. It started doing something after 30 seconds or so but by that time I had messed with things too much. I eventually cut off the fuel and started to cool the engine for a restart which I promptly set on fire due to high altitude >< but then the engine switched to "tie down" state, oddly. I couldn't remedy this since those buttons are not available in flight. On the bright side I had a fun time trying to follow emergency procedures (even though I was "getting cold" in the presence of an engine fire lol). I don't expect that you would know what happened just from that, but is there a procedure for restoring a flight correctly? I did Resume Current Flight -> Clicked "yes" when prompted.
  6. @Cameron Something that came to my mind was that other aircraft may check for invalid configurations on axes? The hi and lo on the axis were obviously bogus since they were never used. The fact that those axes got mapped to anything at all seems like a bug, but then why would one aircraft work and not the other? That is the odd part. Perhaps they are realizing that the hi and lo values are not valid, and accordingly ignoring the axis (I am not familiar with how these are read, but are the hi / lo values also data refs?).
  7. Last update: The two offending lines here are _joy_AXIS_use29 7 _joy_AXIS_use30 6 But the catch here is that it doesn't have to be these two axes. If any of your axis bindings are set to 6 or 7 and you didn't purposefully set them that way then you will probably be unable to disengage the brakes. So for a workaround, scan through the joystick settings pref file and look for any high number axis (there are hundreds of them) set to 6 or 7 and set them to 0. Unless you have a very intense setup it is not likely that you have more than 4 or 5 axes with a single joystick I think. As to why this could happen, the prevailing theory is that this happens when you connect a device and calibrate it, but then disconnect it again. I don't remember ever using any other devices than my joystick though.
  8. I think I found the offending entries as well. The fresh settings file has the following _joy_AXIS_use26 0 _joy_AXIS_use27 0 _joy_AXIS_use28 0 _joy_AXIS_use29 0 _joy_AXIS_use30 0 But my previous one somehow has this _joy_AXIS_use26 3 _joy_AXIS_use27 1 _joy_AXIS_use28 2 _joy_AXIS_use29 7 _joy_AXIS_use30 6 I assume this means "use these axes for X thing" but I have no idea how this got into this state, or why it affects the TBM900. I'm currently running through the other differences to see if any of the others trigger the issue.
  9. In the preferences folder -> (X-Plane/Output/preferences) Note: You will lose button mapping and joystick calibration but with some clever copy pasta you can pick out the parts you need from the old file, or just remap your buttons.
  10. I've confirmed that X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf is the offending preferences file. I restored everything besides that one from backup and the issue remains fixed. I will keep analyzing to find out more because as a developer myself I also know the frustration of being on the other side of these kinds of things.
  11. For what it's worth I just had an idea that works. It's more or less the "nuclear option" but I deleted my X-Plane preferences (backed them up rather) and let X-Plane create new ones. Now I can see the brake pressure starting with 0. I lost my control mapping and such but the issue also vanished. The preferences are in X-Plane/Output/Preferences
  12. I made a video showing what I am observing and attached it to this post. Note the data output on the top left. The video compares the expected output of the C172 to the TBM900. StuckBrakes.mp4
  13. Oh you are right nevermind then. Even the word "feather" was written on the right side of the stick *facepalm*. My assumption was that the angle change of the taxi range corresponded to feathering.
  14. Still an issue with 1.03, and maintenance manager says everything is new.
  15. How are you trying to move it? For me it is not a simple click but a click and drag motion that is needed to raise and lower it.
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