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  1. My suggestion: two things to check: hydraulics on - and the nose wheel on the 650 has a max angle of 55 degrees. It's free wheeling after 55 degrees even if steering is armed so you need to reset it. So your pushback should always end with a straight line to make sure the front wheel is centered. Other than that (and I had that happen) I had my steering tiller mapped in x-plane to two different axes and nothing worked right until I fixed my mapping and I too was going around in circles. I don't know what happens if you try to taxi the plane on anything but tarmac so it's poss
  2. As far as I know, you don't engage autopilot on the runway, it's a bad idea usually for a number of reasons - I'll attempt to explain why. What I do (and I may not have that completely right and there are variations on the theme here) is before you enter the runway set the heading bug to the runway heading (should be aligned with the runway) and arm the heading pressing HDG. Verify your speed bug is set to VREF+20 (can be different with airline procedures), alt armed to the desired initial climb set by ATC as part of your clearance, or your charts if not in controlled space. You hav
  3. I was perusing the x-plane failure menu and found that the answer is: just about anything can go wrong. Pages and pages of failures... Sad to say, I make my own pickle right now without even looking at failure - the learning curve is a cliff!
  4. Wow - didn't get that yet and didn't realize that was a feature lol - nice! Going on a limb: I assume you're landing at or near VREF within weight limits and no parking brake on? Max landing weight is 38,000lbs (17,236kg) and touch down vertical speed of less than 2m/s (6feet/s)? The CDU will tell you if you're overweight in the approach data page as I recall. If not that - could be a conflict with another add-on perhaps. M
  5. If this helps, I found lots of good information on how the plane works here using the 605 model docs on smartpilot. It's a very similar, if not identical cockpit and the avionics are the same. Treasure trove of documentation that that solved a few puzzles for me, and I have many, many more to figure out. https://www.smartcockpit.com/plane/BOMBARDIER/CHALLENGER 605.html
  6. Er, zombies 1, muchimi 0. I had to go outside and close the panel after the fuel guy didn't make it.
  7. I for one found the Collins 21 avionics a bit different from the avionics I'm more familiar with due to years of simming with them (think Boing and Airbus systems) - while they were different themselves, the Collins is yet another beast as there are things it does that surprise me, and there are also things it doesn't do that also surprise me and get me in serious trouble fast. Recommendations: - there are a few videos from your usual streamers on youtube showcasing the Hot Start Challenger 650. Some of them I'm amused because the streamer was clearly in the same boat I was figuring this
  8. Hi - I have a question: once vertical navigation is interrupted (for any number of reasons, for example, armchair pilot operator error), how does one convince the avionics to resume the vnav profile? VNAV is active, the vertical guidance (the purple VS indicator) is correct and showing, but the plane is not following the commanded VS to follow the VNAV. It took me a while to figure out how to tell the plane to follow the FMS speed bug but I can't find the magic sauce to the same for the vertical navigation. Thanks for any tips!
  9. I was having the same issue. From the Bombardier docs, looks like 30 nautical miles and less than 105 degree intercept (section 04-10-50 page 201 of volume 2 of the flight crew operations and section 04-10-30 page 181). You need CDU1 and CDU2 to have the same flight plan active (I just copy CDU1 from CDU2 and for good measure put a copy in CDU3 as well). It took me a while to realize the copy of approach (localizer) data between the flight computers wasn't automatic on this aircraft (there apparently isn't a primary FMS that can be selected), and importantly there is no message that l
  10. I can call the fuel truck, I can't seem to send it back. Anyone know how to send the truck away after refueling? Thanks!
  11. Update: After more testing, and it happening again, it looks like it's because the fuel truck is on standby - so perhaps there's a hidden hose or a connection pending which is why the latch won't close (as it did it again). Get rid of the fuel truck, and it works without issue. Fuel truck present - I run into this. Will continue to report back my findings.
  12. Yes it would not let me. The moment I release the mouse to be able to click on the latches - it opens back up (as it if was on springs) before I get a chance to click on the latches to secure it. Usually the door stays closed when I release the mouse, then I can click on the latches (as with the other panels). I should note I've exited x-plane and re-started and it's not doing that anymore (stays put when closed so I can click on the latches). Unsure why it did that before and only that one panel (all the others were fine). M
  13. During the walk around inspection of the plane, I opened the fuel trap door by the wing and was unable to close it afterwards. It would move to the shut position, but would re-open by itself. Tried various things, was able to open and close other panels such as the fuel control panel above the wing next to the refuel port but that door just refused to stay closed. What am I doing wrong? This plane is full of wonders and I'm just picking up my jaw from the tarmac often as I discover these little gems. Cheers, M
  14. Yes - I think it still swerves as it should if you don't pay attention and is much closer to the published behavior in terms of rudder trim. It's not stable by any means but it's also not overly twitchy as it was before. A tiny windgust was enough to send me at a 45 degree off course - no longer the case and the front wheel now actually does something between 20 and 70 kts.
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