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  1. Logs attached. CTD midflight, just finished to enter BARO Mins .... ( coincidence ?!) Many flights done, 1st CTD since release Few seconds after , CTD i see some : "CL650[waas_api.c:205]: Failed to download WAAS API data: server responded with error 404 (Not Found)" Oliver Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  2. Just flew online with it and all worked as intended. VatSim, X-Pilot. Is your Audio panel set up correctly? (white lights), volume set ? Oliver
  3. Right, but you have to get out of your seat (or your 2nd pilot !! ), welcome your customers, close the door, close the curtain, do the pax brief verbally or by tablet (if not available via remote on your EFB), close the cabin door, IF you don't have the luxury of having a flight attendant. For the Landing announcement I'll get out of my seat ( while Toto is flying the airplane) , hit that button on that console, have a chat with my pax and go for a P. That is immersive... 2nd, and thats regarding the OP: I've seen many automatically triggered simulations of pax
  4. Great you had a good laugh, but what is wrong with what I said ?? L?et me know ??
  5. Immersive ;-) ? Its not triggered automatically in the real thing ... Oliver
  6. Honeycomb Alpha ?, then see a view posts above....
  7. Walk away from the airplane....
  8. 2 posts above is the answer ... JetNoise
  9. Very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing !! Oliver
  10. as of now, ive bound them to the default xplane gear up/down datarefs
  11. @Attitude if the experimental flt-model should be ON, the acf file would do good to reflect that. ;-) v1.1.1 use_1140_fm =0. Shouldn't it read "1" Nice update btw Oliver
  12. Here you go, Jan and team ;-) START PLANNING: BetterPushback/start_planner STOP PLANNING: BetterPushback/stop_planner REQUEST PUSHBACK: BetterPushback/start The last one is IMHO the one to be mapped to the GND CALL button Oliver
  13. Hi, if you like to bring your hobbs time back, find \Output\SR22\TN_State.txt and edit the value(s) you need. Numbers are in seconds iirc (20hrs = 20*60*60) Run a copy first and keep a backup of the folder until fixed Oliver
  14. Jumped right in after the update, on my route ENBR-EKCH right now. Many thanks for the update. Very well appreciated, since she was collecting dust bc of the (noe hopefully fixed) FMS issues. Grüße aus dem Taubertal Oliver
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