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  1. @Attitude if the experimental flt-model should be ON, the acf file would do good to reflect that. ;-) v1.1.1 use_1140_fm =0. Shouldn't it read "1" Nice update btw Oliver
  2. Here you go, Jan and team ;-) START PLANNING: BetterPushback/start_planner STOP PLANNING: BetterPushback/stop_planner REQUEST PUSHBACK: BetterPushback/start The last one is IMHO the one to be mapped to the GND CALL button Oliver
  3. Hi, if you like to bring your hobbs time back, find \Output\SR22\TN_State.txt and edit the value(s) you need. Numbers are in seconds iirc (20hrs = 20*60*60) Run a copy first and keep a backup of the folder until fixed Oliver
  4. Jumped right in after the update, on my route ENBR-EKCH right now. Many thanks for the update. Very well appreciated, since she was collecting dust bc of the (noe hopefully fixed) FMS issues. Grüße aus dem Taubertal Oliver
  5. Check, if you have RXP plugins activly loaded (even if not using it/them) . It /they tend to interfere ... Oliver
  6. Video Series on the BN-2 Islander: Cheers and thanks again for ALL of your videos and tutorials available on YT. @Graeme Guys &Gals, give him a "like", too Oliver
  7. @Coop i reported that as well earlier in a different topic. But for me it is not remembering the Crash Bar state. It stays "UP" after XP loads. ((BN2 /Xplane is installed on a seperate SSD drive and definetly not a permission or antivirus issue (excluded from windows, no other AV in use. )) Oliver
  8. don't know if this helps, but have you tried deactivating the RXP plugin.?
  9. Good morning @Coop. I loaded into XP this morning to check again and it self-repaired somehow. Haven't touched anything. I'd call it *solved* BTW: Safety Bar (Battery/Gens) does not remember position/state between flights / XP reloads. It stays UP. (at least it doesn't for me atm ;-) ) Oliver
  10. I know, nevertheless, your commands/ datarefs are gpu on / gpu off / gpu toggle assigned to that switch. BTW: Safety Bar does not remember Position between flights / XP reloads. It stays UP Only GPU toggle works.
  11. Dear Support, a tiny one ;-) Datarefs for "GPU on/off" are available but don't do nothing. Dataref in use atm is "GPU toggle" and is assigned to both sides off the switch in the airplane. . (up/down) Maybe this can be corrected for the next update. (I am using MASTER/ALT switch on the HC Alpha Yoke) Regards Oliver
  12. Thanks a lot for this link. Was that mentioned in one of the docs that came with the aircraft ? Did I realy miss that ? ;-) Oliver
  13. Dear Captains, LEANING the engines, what what be the (correct) procedure and or what to use ? LOP / ROP. If read this article: (If someone is interested) https://www.avweb.com/ownership/the-savvy-aviator-59-egt-cht-and-leaning/ Oliver / JetNoise
  14. Only suspect then would be UWXP 2.6.1 I'll find out Oliver
  15. Dear Support, first time i got this. Bought the Islander today. Log.txt attached Addition: RXP 750 in use. Crash report was generated and sent to Laminar as well Thanx for looking into it ;-) Nice airplane by the way ;-) Oliver / JetNoise Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  16. Hi Jan, and if posible, add another "leeway" for the Speedbrake lever at its "armed" position, since this is (not always) blocking the Speedbrakes to deploy fully on touchdown. I am using a 6 Lever THR-Quad (Boeing type) TQ6 atm. Of course, any other kind of solution is very welcome ;-) Grüße Oliver
  17. Okay, great news then .... (that its not me ;-) ) FlyWith Lua: Understand, BUT FWL has become a MUST HAVE plugin meanwhile. It or the IXEG needs to be compatible with it, IMHO. (since all other aircraft (26 +IXEG), i own are) I am not using it for fancy stuff, only small FPS display, IXEG callouts, Landing performance (for fun only) and minor performance tweaks, (which will be obsolete with Vulcan, i am sure, since testing it) and one CloudArt script which comes with the cloudset (same Name). Thats it... Schönen Tag noch, Oliver
  18. I also had to revert back to GIZMO Gizmo64.plugin- to get my menues back. As of now, everything works and lets me fly again. Strange and FYI @Litjan as i reported in an earlier post, ALL was working (except the known bugs (scrollwheel etc. ) until without known reason problems started. I initially started the install with the Beta version of GIZMO on release day. Switched to the stable then and tried everything you suggested back and forth. Another strange one: I had two occasions, where whenever the APU started to supply power (from Cold&d
  19. Don't know honestly, last thing i did today, i reinstalled the aircraft again, tried it, didn't work. Grabbed the Gizmo from the trash, replaced the one that was installed and now i am flying again ......... Whatever bugged there (user included) i'd call it solved for me now. Thank you for your patience and help !!!! Now its SPACEX DM-2 time. (which possibly gets scrubbed again for WX ) Oliver
  20. on the latest trials: the one from the installer, both beta and stable.....
  21. I was able to recover the old plugin Gizmo64.plugin- from the trash-can and installed that one. Back in business for now. Back in the air soon. FYI @Litjan Thanks for the idea: @safeflight_ Just wondering why the stable gizmo didn't fix it/work ??!! Oliver
  22. Jan, Thanks for the suggestions. This setup was working well, even with a lot more plugins enabled, Vulcan mode and edit for the beteerpush plug. And it did so until yesterday. No changes or edits made to xplane, except an update of Tivat payware sceney. (FYI , i also have NO or only very few ground traffic plugins loading (using xOrganizer) So plugins are to a minimum anyway IDK whats going on here. Oh sorry " /high " parameter starts xplane with high priority on windows. Used for ages ;-) Oliver
  23. I will try these values in a minute. BTW forgot to mention: PFD ND and FMC stays dark as well .... That is realy weird ... (sometimes)
  24. FYI: Just seeing the same issue. No menues anymore. I tried: -- DatarefEditor: changing the values for the two sidemenue datarefs -- Editing the values in IXEG_user_prefs.txt (strange, if i change the values for disable_vizmenu_popout => 1 anf disable_mainmenu_popout => 1, load the aircraft and use the toggle commands (button / Joystick), i can make those windows visible, edit to my liking, Disable the "Hide side ... windows to OFF, but changes are NOT reflected in ixeg_user_prefs.txt (Notepad++ notices changes and reloads ... ) Once i saw the window (mainmenue) disap
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