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  1. I tryed just now, and oh wonder... Placed the Levers fully back, moved the Lever with the mouse to the Start position, and the Engine started... fantastic!
  2. Is there a possibility to save the panel state / switch state?
  3. Two small things... After starting a Flight, the Cargo Door Lever is in the "open" position. It has to switch manually in lateral "close" position. BUT. In the previous Version, it was possible to handle both doors from the Outside view (Standart "Shift+4" Button. maybe it call "Circle" or "orbit" view, i don't know, i have it in german...) In the 1.6 Version, this possibility is not able anymore. You have to walk out from pilots view out of the plane to do this manually. This is now a bit laborious... May you change this back?
  4. Yes. But i have to unsign the CH- Throttle for the Conditions-Lever...
  5. Yes, the Pop-up is black although the Floodlights are on. The Buttons and Knobs are not visible. it's dark in dark. Its difficult to find the outer and inner Ring perhaps by "push C/V" or "push CRSR"
  6. The GPS Case, Knobs, are not visable during Night...
  7. Hello Is this normal? Its only on the left Wing and , when on groundpower... And a small Bug on the Belly / Cockpit
  8. Same here. First time it happens after returning to the flight after using the replay function. Second minutes after shutdown the Aircraft with GPU on and runing APU Log.txt
  9. Hello I found two little things. The Clicspot of both Stall warning test buttons are a bit left out of center The acceleration of the Baro Standby Altimeter knob should be same as by the Main. (but maybe it is so in real?)
  10. I trying this, but same result, same error message...
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