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  1. You do, but it's far from impossible to miss!
  2. I believe Hot Start provided SimBrief with a very accurate profile. Perhaps there's a way to extract the data you need from that?
  3. I've found it's best to create a fresh profile for the Honeycombs with no binds at all for the Challenger, then gradually add the ones you need. Saves all sorts of gotchas like this.
  4. I've had this problem before (in DCS actually) and it was a axis I hadn't realised I'd bound to rudder trim ages ago having been just knocked slightly.
  5. Just to add to this I highly recommend setting a timer on your phone or something if you start a transfer to aux - multiple times I have ended up with an imbalance the other way because I forgot it was running.
  6. Like all the best answers, that is SO OBVIOUS in retrospect. Thanks so much Amy.
  7. Here's another screen showing a bit later - this is after I put myself in a 2500fpm VS descent. As you can see it's got the 5000' restriction on the PFD but no sign of it in the VNAV window. I'm also going way too fast I realise!
  8. I'm sure this is because I don't understand something! Was flying EGBB > EGPB, FL270. Selected ILS27 as approach whilst on ground at Birmingham. During the cruise, looking at the EGPB approach charts, I decided to add a hold at SUM at the end of the route before the CI27 from the start of the approach sequence. I wanted the aircraft to calculate a TOD to get me to SUM at 5000' so I put 5000A in the scratchpad and added it to both SUM and the hold at SUM. I expected that the MFD VNAV window would therefore show me SUM as it was the next waypoint in the flight plan that contained a altitude restriction, but it seemed to only want to show me what it had shown originally which was the FF27 altitude of 2100'. As I passed KOKAL I did get a magenta 5000 in the PFD so I set 5000 in the MCP and made sure VNAV was armed. Got a TOD chime and a magenta diamond on the glidepath indicator showing that the desired path was above me - however the diamond never descended and then I noticed the green TOD marker was behind me on the map so I went manual at that point and VS'd myself down. All a bit of a mess - where did I go wrong?
  9. Is there a way to build a user waypoint off a fix in your flightplan, eg. if you wanted to make a pseudo base leg fix off the CI for the runway?
  10. It's in the binds under the Captain Pedestal section. Search for sync.
  11. OK another update - the FDR shows the AP disconnected which caused the crash, but no idea what caused the AP to disconnect!
  12. Update: this seems to be a “hit the sea” crash rather than an software crash, just taking a look at the FDR I was pointed at to figure out what happened. Seemed like it had plenty of fuel. ActiveSky was running so maybe it dumped a weather update that took out the AP
  13. Hi guys, I was bringing my plane back across the Atlantic, left it about 0130 to go to bed, all seemed fine. Pause at TOD mode was definitely enabled and armed. This morning I have an unpaused sim sitting in a cold and dark aircraft back at CYUL Log included, it looks like it crashed at 2022-01-09 02:34:09. Any pointers appreciated! Are there any other log files I should upload? Fortunately I saved a state file just before I slept so I can carry on from there! I've included the state file just as I went to bed, it crashed an hour after that. Being able to restore the state this morning has made me SO HAPPY! Ed Log.txt CL650_Log.txt state.bin
  14. I’ve got the Bravo and I found it worked better to use an axis specifically for reverse, then you have all the control you’d want. I have my axes L to R as: Speedbrake Reverse Eng 1 Eng 2 <not used> Flaps
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