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  1. Thanks you're right. I checked rudders fifty times for noise set up dead zone and they were perfectly fine. as in not noisy. But when I turned them off completely it worked. So now I need to figure out how to turn them back on without breaking the plane again. Any ideas on the FMS not taking over speed management?
  2. I definitely have gremlins somewhere. Fresh reinstall of the plane reboot new airframe. Still crabbing. And for some reason Vnav doesn't take over speed. Trims are centered. FMS is correctly programmed as far as I can tell. Plenty of deadzone on the rudder pedals. And sticks are not noisy.
  3. So got myself pretty balanced out there is only 100 pounds differential between the tanks and I am still crabbing in cruise. Any ideas as to what else might be causing it?
  4. Nothing else just open the valve don't mess with boost pumps aux valves aux pumps?
  5. Aha that helps. Thank you. Speaking of fuel imbalance is there a QRH that tells me how to transfer from left main to right main? It's not very apparent like it is in boeing or Airbus.
  6. Any idea of why I'm crabbing as illustrated in auto pilot. My vertical bar is drifting to the left and my yaw to the right and it's not slip coordinated? Thank you for the tips and hints in advance.
  7. Is there something special going on the Lua scripting? When I try to bind commands or datarefs thru lua the switch freezes up. It can't be moved interactively in cockpit and does not respond to the controller input. It works fine if I try to manipulate it thru DataRef Tool. Here's the quick example -- define the joystick offsets (for button assignments) if PLANE_ICAO == "CL60" and AIRCRAFT_FILENAME == "CL650.acf" then -- Bind datrefs to working variables Nav_On="sim/lights/nav_lights_on" Nav_Off="sim/lights/nav_lights_off" dataref("Nav","CL650/overhead/ext_lts/nav","writable") function CL60_NavLogo_On() command_once(Nav_On) end function CL60_NavLogo_Off() command_once(Nav_Off) end create_command("FlyWithLua/CL60_macros/01", "Nav_On", "CL60_NavLogo_On())", "", "") create_command("FlyWithLua/CL60_macros/02", "Nav_Off", "CL60_NavLogo_Off())", "", "") end It works just fine if I assign it directly but if it's in lua it freezes. switch up.
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