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  1. Thanks for the response. I’m using a Thrustmaster T16000M. I’ve been flying SEP aircraft for over 15 years so would say I’m relatively experienced. The settings you’ve shared improved the handling. It would have been helpful to put such information in the product documentation e.g. whether to use the experimental flight model and what control settings. Customers are not mind readers either. Appreciate taking the time to reply and hope the feedback is taken on board for future releases.
  2. Thanks for the response. I understand that there are variations between hardware but I would expect 70% of users use 3-4 joysticks - given flight yokes would be unrealistic for this a/c. As a real world pilot the ‘feel’ of the aircraft is very important. In the product details it mentioned that the flight model was highly ‘realistic’. Therefore, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that no guidance was provided on how we can make the aircraft feel as realistic as possible in the sim. Are you able to share which settings the testing team used? I assume you used real S
  3. Hi Are there any recommended control sensitivity settings for the aircraft? The aircraft feels quite sensitive in comparison to GA aircraft I’ve flown in the sim and in the real world. I recall that IXEG 737 and the SF260 both provided guidelines for recommended control response and stability augmentation. However, couldn’t find this is the manuals for the SR22. Thanks.
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