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  1. No, if I disable xEnviro, it goes away. Also, is I run X plan in OpenGl, not in Vulkan, it goes away.
  2. Hi! I have the latest version of TBM900, xEnviro and XP11. My GPU driver is also updated (AMD 5800XT). However, when I load the TBM in Vulkan with xEnviro activated, the whole screen flickers intermittently. If I disable xEnviro or if I used OpenGL, the flickering disappeared. And if I change to other aircrafts, this does not happen either. Does anyone experience the same thing and is there anything I can do? Thanks!
  3. Oh! I see! Thanks a lot!!
  4. H! Have you found it yet? Thanks a lot!!
  5. Thank! I did sign these axis that way! However, I mean other buttons setting. such as autopilot, light, etc. Actually. I am setting it for the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle, and therefore, I need the Dataref for setting the LEDs. Thanks!
  6. Hi! I have recently been doing Joystick set up for my add-on planes in X plane 11. I want to know where can we find the command and dataref.txt for this Saab 340A? Thanks!
  7. Oh! Thanks! I didn’t know that!
  8. Hi! Thanks for the great aviation tool! I have just bought BN-2 and downloaded and installed the G5 patch for it. However, I cannot turn them on on the panel. What have I missed? Do I have to set or configure something? Thanks!
  9. Hi! Since today, when I load my plane bought from X-Aviation, the license update page kept popping up like the picture below. What can I do to fix it? Thanks! ps. I think it's because I have just downloaded and installed G5 for BN-2 from the site which I don't know that needs to be purchased for a license, too. After removing it, it is normal now.
  10. Thanks! Goran, When you say AI do you mean some plugin like X-life, GroundTraffic or MarineTraffic?
  11. Hi! I am also having frequent CTD with the latest version of TBM + XP 11.41 stable version. It happens usually within one minute after loading the plane. Here is my Log.txt. Please help me, thanks a lot!! Log.txt
  12. Thanks! It happens to me every flight.... I have to turn off the sound of hydraulics so I won't be annoyed during the flight...
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