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  1. Thank you so much! I did accidentally pulled the CB (who knows when!! Gosh!) Now I have cleared the issue.
  2. Thanks! I will have a look!
  3. Hi! I love this plane but I have ignored it for a few months due to my work. Today, I try to fly it again but I don't know what I have missed. The FMS1 cannot work and when I take a look at the Peripheral status page in the FMS, it shows that FMS1 is INOP. Can canyone please help me? Thanks! ps. I use career mode.
  4. Hi! May I ask how we can enter a holding patern at certain leg? Thanks!
  5. Hmm... there seems to be no specific steps.. I just did normal steps( as what I did previously) and took off then found out the flashing CDU3... If I record from cold and dark to take off, I am afraid the size of the video would be too big... So I am the only one so far?
  6. OK! I have done two more flights and it seems not related with the engine bleed selection on the thrust page. I followed the SOP (leave APU on while taking off) and took off without engine bleed for the pack. The CDU3 still flashed after I took off and vanished after I landed. Weird.... is it related to take off or landing?
  7. Thank you so much! I wiill try the L to Aux transfer next time.
  8. That's right. I turned off the APU and use engine bleed for pack.... I was not following the checklist (Leave the APU on till in the air). I don't know if this is wrong for this aircraft? I did this because I didn't want the APU to use too much fuel from the right tank causing imbalance... Back to this issue.. is it a bug or?
  9. Thanks! You mean this one? I did change it from Off to 10th... I did this through CDU1..
  10. Hi! I have an issue to report. After updating to v.1.4.1, when flying(after taking off), my CDU3 would flash between TRUST Limit page and Perf. Menu page. It wouldn't react to any input of the button pressed(on the CDU3). I have attached the video for reference. Any possible bug here? Thanks! ps. the other 2 CDUs are OK! cdu3.mp4
  11. Thanks for your explanation!!
  12. Haha! I have been using a Landing rate monitor plugin, so I guess I am fully prepared for facing it!
  13. Thanks a lot! So what is the appropriate range of that value?
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