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  1. Uploaded a new version as someone brought to my attention the throttle reverser and idle/shutoff bindings were missing from the original. See post above
  2. I just downloaded it again from the forums here and opened it with notepad and it looks like the information is there. You may not be getting a good download.
  3. I was able to figure this out. I had loaded an incorrect profile from the Honeycomb configurator and ended up with a double bind. Once I removed that, it seems all is well with the key binding for the park brake!
  4. Here's my latest profile. It includes the bindings listed above as well as all of the MCP functions and applicable annunciator lights. A couple notes: The "Auto Pilot" button is only mapped to engage the autopilot. You must map a different button for the disconnects. This The "REV" button on the FCP is mapped to VNAV as I find this to be more useful than mapping it to backcourse. None of the toggle switches below the FCP have been mapped. Bravo-CL650-fixed.json
  5. I noticed the shadows for some of the antennae on the top of the fuselage appear to be floating when in an internal view. As soon as you move outside the cockpit/cabin, the shadows pop back in and it looks correct. Perhaps related to culling?
  6. At the request of users in the discord, here are my bindings for the throttles and reversers on the Bravo. Use the Commercial handles and map the following in the Honeycomb Configurator: Lever 3 Commercial Reverser/GA GoAround -Press-Event -Variable 1: sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_1 -Release-Event -Variable 1: sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle_1 Lever 3 Detent: -Press-Event -Variable 1: CL650/pedestal/throttle/shutoff_L_down -Release-Event -Variable1: CL650/pedestal/throttle/shutoff_L_up Lever 4 Commercial
  7. Here's screenshots of the two different bindings I've tried. One is the default and the other is found in the Challenger commands. I've tried them both on this same button. I haven't tried to bind it to any other buttons, if I get time today I will check that
  8. I tried depressing the toe brakes while pressing the button I have bound to park brake and it still does not engage.
  9. I've tried binding the default "Toggle brakes max effort" and the CL650 Parking Brake command to a button on my Honeycomb Alpha yoke and when I press the button, the parking brake does not engage. I have verified there is hydraulic pressure, and I have also pressed the button while pressing my brakes on my rudder pedals. If I click the park brake handle, it engages just fine. It's only the button bind that's not working.
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