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  1. Just curious. What are the 3 variants? I've noticed the non-standard 5 bladed prop, so I assume that is going to be one?
  2. I've noticed a small UV mapping issue on the 28V DC door where there is shared texture between lower part of the door and the fuselage above it
  3. I had no idea I had to do that. I've though there were no maintenance features implemented. Thanks
  4. On my last flight I got a R ENGINE OIL PRESS warning after 4 or so hours of cruise flight. I decided to proceed to nearest airport and the moment I retarded the throttles I got the same warning for the left engine. Any ideas what may have caused this? Both warning disappeared after descending below FL200 and adding power. Log.txt
  5. Hey, thanks for the reply. Where did you get that FCOM/AFM? I assume you didn't find it somewhere on the internet, right?
  6. On a flight over northern Greenland my heading seems to have failed and I have GPS only message on my PFD. Have I done something wrong or is this normal behaviour for such latitudes? IRS seems to be monitoring position but I can get no TRK/SPD information out of it from the IRS STATUS page.
  7. No crashes anymore but I keep having weird framerate oscilations even in clean install of Xplane but that is already being solved here.
  8. Is there a way to enter FBO after a flight? Or at least a way to select new PAX? The enter FBO button in airframe manager is grayed out.
  9. One more thing. I believe it didn't behave like this on my first couple of flights.
  10. Tried that. It does not. I still get wild FPS variation. I've noticed it keeps happening only while flying, so all of my testing on ground was worthless. I've also tried without any scenery other than default - same result. FPS jumping 15FPS up and down.
  11. I've just had a second CTD with the CL650. First the sim started jumping from 40FPS all the way down to 15FPS and after a few minutes of this it crashed completely. Plugin admin did not show anything that I found to be out of the ordinary. Log.txt
  12. I've gone through the manual but I haven't found a way to dim the G1000. Is it somehow possible?
  13. Thanks for the TBM900 fast answer
  14. Maybe I'm completely dumb but is there a paintkit or blank white textures somewhere? Thanks
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